Sunday, October 4, 2009

Conference Weekend

The weekend flew by. Last but not least we made Ebelskievers for conference Sunday. If you haven't tried them I HIGHLY suggest you run out, get a pan, and have a ebelskeiver party. So yummy and fun!
Ok so Mike and Savannah go on daddy daughter dates all the time. So on Friday Savannah and I went on our first mommy daughter night out. We went to see a play at the children's theater. It was Cinderella. Savannah was absolutely fascinated the whole time and I loved watching her face while we were in the play! After we got to meet Cinderella. She came right up to Savvy and told her she loved her vest. Savannah proceeded to ask her a series of questions. Why do the boys wear makeup? Why is your hair brown? Why was the ballgown white? The girl was so cute and answered all her questions. On the way home Savvy was nonstop talking about how she wanted to be an actress, she thought it would be SO fun! So cute. And so funny. Little does she know it would be over her parent's dead bodies before anything remotely close to that ever happened. Not exactly what I would dream and wish for for my daughter. But it was super cute to see her so excited. Shave It was the perfect end to the night!

Cole's pick for Creed-yummy

Cole wanted to hand pick everyone pumpkins. This was his pick for himself
I think Mike was having just as much fun riding the trikes as the kids.
This little guy didn't feel the same way. We were running around all day and he started getting mad at the farm. He finally cried himself to sleep. Poor little guy.

They loved feeding the animals carrots. In fact our kids are absolute animal lovers. We gave them the choice or Disneyland or the farm and the both wanted the farm-Savannah had to think about it a little but Cole knew right away. Crazy kids......
Mike was so distraught that I bought Cole this hat. He didn't even want me to post the pics on the blog because of it. Ok in my defense it was like 3 bucks and we are constantly losing hats!! Sorry babe.
Savannah was super excited that her horse's name was Tinkerbell
We picked up Savannah early from school on Friday with the promise of doing something fun....hmmm even though we already have plans to do Underwood Farms next week we decided that would be quick and no traffic. The kids had a blast

Coley got in a pool day with Marina before it got to be too cold! Don't hurry back from Hawaii Vanessa, it is chilly down here now!!


dietcokegrrl said...

So fun! We LOVE Underwood Farms and usually get there at least twice a year, but with all of Sammy's surgeries and the hot weather, we haven't made it out there yet.

Maybe sometime this month...

stephanie said...

what a fun conference weekend!! all your babies look so cute! we were talking about how cute they are when carinn was here last weekend!