Tuesday, January 27, 2009

It must have been a phase

I have been looking on all of your blogs and have noticed a severe decrease in activity for the vast majority. This is okay I suppose, although I really do look forward to seeing what our friends and relatives, both here in Cali and throughout the U.S. are up to. But perhaps it was just a blogging phase that most of you were involved in. You'll have to tell us what your new hobbies are, now that blogging is no longer a part of your lives.

So Nicole is 38 weeks pregnant. Due on the 11th of February. She is severely pregnant and ready to burst. At least she should be. The other day we decided to give some of Savannah's clothes to a couple in our ward who has a daughter younger than our daughter. I stayed in the van with the kids while Nicole carried the clothes up to the door. While she was at the door step, I couldn't help but think that she really only looked maybe 5 or 6 months pregnant. To think that there is a full grown baby inside her and yet she still looks so small, it's amazing. She is still going on her walks most days too. What a good example. Perhaps I should actually follow her example and exercise, but that takes too much effort.

So last week Nicole and I took the kids to the beach two days in a row. The water is really cold, but the weather was great (mid 70's). Savannah and I played in the water a little bit while Mom and Cole played in the sand. We saw some star fish and some sea cucumbers. We discovered a road that leads from Wendy drive in Newburry Park down to the ocean. We found the nicest little secluded beach. It is located by a small sign that simply says, "beach access". There is a small turn off from PCH where you park, then you walk down an old set of stairs that lead down to a small beach, protected by rocks jutting out into the ocean on either side, and steep cliffs in the back drop.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

What a day

I already posted this blog, but Nicole wanted me to add a little bit about Topanga Division. As some of you may know, I started my career at North Hollywood. I then went to Southeast Division and enjoyed my time there. When Nikki and I bought our home in Lancaster, I transferred to Van Nuys Division in the San Fernando Valley. I stayed there for three years, filled with lots of ups and downs. As of january 4th, I am working at Topanga Division. The department just opened it's two most recent Divisions, Olympic, and Topanga. I put it for this spot almost 8 months ago, hoping to be able to get in to a new station. So now I work in the farthest West Division of the Department. Which means I am as close to home as I can be. I went from driving 61 miles each way, to now driving 20 miles each way. And it's nice to be able to take showers here in the new station, without the moths and fleas, and other creepy crawlies that were always present at Van Nuys Station. Some might think I'm a bit OCD the way I constantly clean the locker room and bathroom area. Nicole is propably thinking I'm full of it right now because I never help her with the bathroom's at home. But here, knowing how Officers treat the stations, and it being so nice and shiny, I just can't help myself. I get ready here in the morning so I don't wake up Nicole, that includes doing my hair, shaving, getting dressed in uniform, etc. So while I'm getting ready, other Officers are using the sinks at the same time. Water spilling on the floors, hair shavings in the sinks, etc. So I simply get some paper towels and begin wiping up there mess, while they are still in the process of ruining the nice new feel to the station. Anyways, that's what is going on with me in the recent past. Now I am just anxiously awaiting our new little boys arrival.

I am sitting here inside the Topanga Station, listening to my partner try to explain something to a citizen. It amazes me how much people let there kids go through in order to try and "get back" at there ex's. This woman is here to pick up her 3 1/2 year old daughter from her ex-husband. He is not here however, and is now approximately 38 minutes late. My partner called the husband to ask him why he hasn't showed up to drop off his daughter. He said his car is broken down so he has no way of getting here to drop her off. So, my partner tells the woman, I know your court order says that he has to drop off your daughter here, however, he is unable to do so today due to car trouble. You may drive to his residence and pick up your 3 1/2 year old little girl if you would like. Your ex-husband has agreed to this. Instead of saying, "okay!" and leaving, she gets angry and decides that she does not want to drive the extra 5 minutes to get her daughter. Instead, she wants my partner to take a report for "Violation of a Court Order". She was informed by my partner that her ex's other child has a doctors appointment at 8:30, so if she wants to see her daughter, she needs to come and get her before he leaves. But again, rather than going and getting her little girl, she just wanted a report. So much love for there children it's amazing. And you wonder why the institution of the family is going down the drain.
PS. I did not do anything close to what is pictured above today.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Disneyland and Birthday fun

For my birthday we went to Disneyland for the day. I figure we might as well do all these things now while we don't have a newborn!! It was super quiet and beautiful weather. We got there right when it opened and went right to California Adventure because we still haven't been on the new toy story ride yet. It was super cute and there was NO wait, amazing. Of course after soaring over california (my personal favorite) we headed to Disneyland to do the whole Dumbo tea-cup small world thing and small world was closed again! So annoying since it was open for about 2 weeks this whole last year. Bummer. But I had an amazing birthday, with my adorable family and enjoyed spending a day at disneyland without stopping every couple hours to nurse a baby. We ate dinner with jason and erin that night at Maggianos and the next day Jamie brought me my favorite cake- Red Velvet from Nothing Bundt Cakes. If you have a Nothing Bundt Cakes close to you and you haven't tried it, you totally need to (note i saw one in sandy and there is also one in Scottsdale)
YUM!!! Then the rest of the week went by too fast. Dr apt on Wednesday with both kids restless and my dr. decided to do a NST. She is super cool and I love her but my kids were going crazy!! After drinking a whole Coke and waiting 45 minutes the baby finally started reacting. She also referred me to another ultrasound with the perinatologist since I am still measuring small. He said the baby is in the 35th percentile, and looks great. So I am super excited, maybe he will actually fit into those tiny newborn clothes Cole never used!
Mike spent the weekend scrapeing the acoustic ceiling in the new baby's room (it feels wierd to say baby- I think of Cole since he's barely 2!) and painting. It looks really nice. We will probably hire someone to do the rest of the house because it was more work than anticipated!! But we are almost ready for this little guy and getting pretty excited! The first picture is Baby Addison and Savannah, she was so thrilled to play with her and kept saying "Laura is SO lucky to have a baby girl". green with envy...............:)

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

But boogers are yummy....

After having a talk today with Savannah about how nasty it is to pick your boogers and eat them, she responded with this little statement "Since I don't have a gun to shoot the bad guys like daddy, I will pick some big boogers and put them in his mouth." Yes that would probably be more appropriate than shooting these "bad guys" who in her definition would take her and force her to drink soda. Shooting people for making you drink soda just isn't right imo but putting boogers in their mouths just might do the trick.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

A day in the life........

So we have been having a fun week, enjoying the nice weather! On Tuesday I took the kids and met up with Doris at the LA zoo, probably our last outing together before both our babies are born (we are due like a week apart) So most people probably thought we were out of our minds pregnant women waddling around chasing after 4 kids. So funny. But the kids had fun and the animals were actually out and about. Didn't get very many pics but still thought I would post.
Today Dave and Ali drove up for a visit and brought us a new trundle bed for Cole (courtesy of Grandma Lorraine- thank you thank you!!) We're super excited they decided to move closer so we can spend some time together before they go off to medical school in the fall. We are going to try and transition Cole in to the big boy bed sometime..........I got too wussy to try it tonight. He is SUCH a good sleeper and sleeps in his crib from like 7:30-8 so I just don't want to jink it. I know I can't keep him in there forever, maybe tomorrow.
So Savannah is SUPER bossy and hates when anyone says stupid or any potty words (if you mention any bodily functions at all she is totally perturbed and tells you "NO POTTY WORDS" We were sitting eating breakfast this morning and Cole decided to make up this lovely song and sing it for like 10 mintues "pee pee, poo poo, potty words" over and over, all the while Savannah screaming NO POTTY WORDS!!! Nice relaxing breakfast huh, can't wait to add a 3rd to the mix :)

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Christmas Eve!

For some reason my computer is uploading pictures wierd so I can't write underneath them..anyway, we were in Utah for 2 weeks and loved it. It went by super fast. On Christmas Eve we had the Strong Christmas party and the kids loved being with their cousins. It was so nice to be altogether as a family! I loved looking at the beautiful snow. Everytime we go to Utah we really want to move there, but it just wouldn't be smart financially for us. It makes Mike sad because he wants to be close to family and I would love for my kids to have cousins and their Nana and Papa close, but maybe someday. Mike's whole family lives there and a lot of my family too. Maybe Jenna will find an so california boy. Any eligible suitors you have in mind?? I was pretty happy to come home to 68 degree sunny weather though and to be able to go on a walk with my kids to the park. Also to have them playing outside while I clean inside and watching them pick tangerines off the trees and eat them in the backyard. Definitly can't complain about where we live, it is pretty much perfect except we wish we lived closer to family!! Just FYI we are the 7th safest city (population over 75,000) in the whole country,and we have great schools, SO if any family or friends want to move here they won't have to pay for private schools or get jumped on the way into the grocery store :) Hey, I found Eric a job by us in Lancaster, now if only I could get them here (and others, I will keep networking, just send me your resume :)


So first sledding with Drew and Clarkey!! Fun stuff!!