Monday, July 27, 2009

Feeding my Guy

I got it
I'm going to grab the whole bowl
Are you watching me?
Really mom? You think this is yummy?
I love to stick my hands in my mouth and then put my sticky rice fingers everywhere.

I forgot to post after Creed's last check-up. It was at 5 months (we were a month late). He was 12lbs 15 oz. He was 10% for weight and 75% for height. The same exact percentiles that he was at his 2 month checkup. His little head is growing though. He was 20th% and now he is 25th. Mike thinks it is crazy how moms can get together and talk for hours about what percentile their kids are in. I think it's interesting. I am at that stage in my life. I love President Monson's talk in the october conference. About cherishing the moments you have now. It said something about how there are toys all over and hundreds of loads of laundry and it bugs you. But then before you know it the house will be quiet and clean and you will miss your babies. It helps me to not sweat the little things. So at this stage I am enjoying talking about percentiles and feeding my baby rice cereal.

Leo Carillo

Then he did and couldn't get enough of it
Creed first time in the ocean. At first he didn't want to put his feet down.

We went for a drive the other day and wound up at Leo Carillo. We weren't in swimsuits but still let the kids play. On a different note, I have had many calls, questions, and comments on my last post. Many people are stroller lovers like me and many people are like Shannon and wouldn't want to spend a ton of money on something your kids are going to trash. But for me a cheap umbrella stroller would never work. For one I am 5'8". For two I have tried nice strollers so I would be bitter the whole time. For three I walk 5 days a week for 3+ miles, up hills, down hills, on grass. Also on the beach. So I have to have something that is super comfortable for my work-outs and for my kids who are sitting in them for 1-2 hours everyday. The same goes with a good baby carrier. You just can't get the same workout wearing that old snugli, having your daughter ride a scooter, and pushing an umbrella stroller. Trust me, I have done that once when I was at friend's house strollerless and I spent more time helping Savannah on the scooter and telling Cole to pick his feet up off the ground than sweating :) And at the end what happened- Savannah on my shoulders and me, bent over pushing a crappy stroller AND holding a scooter. Nice. That said, it is getting harder and harder to work out with all 3 kids. Creed is not liking his baby carrier anymore so he screams for the first 30 minutes. Now I am getting it all figured out so I don't have to carry him. Mike and I work out together on Monday so all the kids can ride (Tuesday-Friday he does P90x) We walk 3 miles and go up this montrous hill. Then we go to the park, let the kids play and do the Ab Ripper (also p90x) some push-ups and wind sprints (mike calls them that. I call them running up and down a little hill and almost dying from lack of oxygen) Tue-Thursday I walk with Sara and we do basically the same thing. Fridays are my tricky day when I have all 3 kids by myself. I am trying not to skip my work out that day because I really feel like if you don't take time to take care of yourself you will burn out and get bitter. Also so I can fit into my jeans! It is working, I am almost down to my goal weight. 2 more pounds. I have a lower goal weight for myself when I am nursing. When I stop nursing I will lose that last 5. It would have probably worked much faster, but I am always hungry while nursing so I haven't been dieting at all. And paying too many visits to nothing bundt cakes and sprinkles :) That might have to do with it a TINY bit. Anyway that is kind of a tangent but there's my excuse for why I need nice strollers. And honestly the most I have spent (or will spend after buying and reselling) on a stroller was my first one. My normal Target Graco that I couldn't sell after I was done with it so I had to give it away. Ironic huh.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Manhattan Beach

Coley playing in the water
Liza absolutely LOVED the beach, it was so funny, she would lay down in the ocean and let the waves crash on her. Notice the band-aids on both of them. That was something to keep them busy on the car ride !

Who wants to hear another story about my stupid stroller obsesssion? Let me tell you a little about the last strollers I bought
Phil and Ted Vibe- kept one month, sold for 100$ profit
Phil and Ted Sport- used 2 months, sold for a 50$ profit
Then bought another Phil and Ted Sport double from costco for a smoking hot deal of $299 in a color I liked better than the other. I still have that one.
Ok so after I get one stroller I start obsessing over another. And this time it was of all things, the bugaboo. Of course no sane person would spend that much money on a stroller you think to yourself. But....
I understand that it might seem grossly materialistic (heads up for those of you who don't know, a complete cameleon sells for around $979.00-yes completely insane). But in my defense, have you pushed one for yourself?
The other day I was at the Topanga Mall, just minding my own business in my phil and ted (which I love equally in a different way), when someone walks by with the cutest stroller. Something that beautiful deserves to be complimented. Me "Wow is that a bugaboo?" her "yes" Me "But the canopy" Her "Its custom". Then she turned and walked away with her nanny following close behind. So of course I had to research them for myself when I got home. (and I found some super cute ones here and here- of course I had time to spend scouring the internet for canopys of a stroller I didn't even have) So every now and then I would check craigslist for a super good deal and ended up finding one in Manhattan Beach. Mike warned me that it was probably stolen and refused to go -plus he was getting his teeth deep cleaned thanks roger:). Good thing I have a crazy friend like Sara who is super fun and down for new adventures! We made a day of it and hit the beach after. So we loaded the kids in the car and headed down to Manhattan (which is only about 45 minutes away much to my surprise) We pull up to the house and there is this super young girl in her garage surrounded by about 10 strollers and tons of super nice gym equipment. We were talking and I went in to get a drink and noticed her house was MASSIVE (and 2 blocks from the beach) I was like how old are you, like 25, and she was like yeah. I asked if she married a sugar daddy and she laughed and said no, my husband is a king. Blank stare from me. An L A king, he plays hockey for them. I get it! She was super sweet. I am lucky to have met her because now I have 2 new toys in my garage!
The bee- and the super cool video you have to check out

Friday, July 17, 2009

4th of July of Camping!

On Saturday it was getting hot in our campsite so we headed down to the beach for the day. We went to our favorite beach off PCH. It is really secluded since there are no signs and there is a huge flight of stairs you have to go down. It was such a gorgeous day at the beach. I think we might have convinced Erin and Jason to have kids! Erin rocked Creed to sleep in his car seat, then Cole came up, said he was tired, then laid down on a towel and took a nap! So funny. She was like maybe if it's like this.....................little does she know :)

The new tent trailer!
Climbing trees
Baby likes camping too!
Jason and Erin lounging
Last weekend we went camping with Jason and Erin up in Ojai. We had a blast and loved using the new tent trailer.
The kids waiting for the fireworks
Emma, Savannah's friend and look a like. They are about 2 months apart and I think look so much alike!

First up 4th of July. We had a bbq at our house so we didn't get too many pictures. But it was super fun. We had some friends from the ward come and the Grimmers were able to spend the weekend here so we loved it. We walked to the park at night and watched the fireworks go off.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Catch Up.......

Creed doing a balancing act

One of the dozens of big trucks that were there for the kids enjoyment
Amelia, Neal, and Cole
Going on a hay ride. No that is not me wearing a matching shirt with my husband, it is Sara :)
The helicopter flew in and the kids LOVED it!
On the train
Taking a ride in a limo
Savannah riding on the police bike

Touch a Truck. One of the kids FAVs of the year.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

3 kids

It seems like 3 kids would be harder than 2. But honestly, the transition from 2 to 3 was much easier than the transition from 1 to 2. That was a trip. Sometimes its a whirlwind, but things have been much calmer with this little guy in our lives. He is our little peacemaker. Not to mention the fact that he sleeps for 10 hours straight at night :) Any thoughts on what's harder 3 or 4? If Creed keeps this good behavior up he will definitly be getting a younger sibling sometime in the future :) P.S. check out Savannah's arms in the picture compared to Creeds. They have such different coloring! Cole is somewhere in the middle.

Savannah- almost 5

Thanks to Heather for the "fancy nancy" headband as Savannah calls it. I linked you to her store so you could buy one for your own baby bird!

In 1 1/2 months this little girl turns 5! I feel like she was just an 18 month old falling asleep on my chest. Now she is putting lip gloss on and asking me if she looks like Hannah Montana. How the heck does she know who she is anyway! I asked her and she said she saw her on a backpack. Funny you try to keep them away from things and they find out regardless. She is growing so much too. I am trying to teach her how to be loving and generous because my mom and grandma always taught me that. My grandma just told me the other day that her and my grandpa always had the motto give until it hurts a little, then give a little more than that. So we were getting together a little present for a friend and Savannah was having a hard time with it. She wanted to keep some of the trinkets we had bought. After it was put together and we were bringing it over she said "mom even though I'm a little sad I can't keep this, it feels good to give to friends, don't you think?" I think that fits my Grandma's motto perfectly! I was so impressed by her maturity.

Cole 2 1/2


Cole is now 2 1/2. I feel like he acts much older since he likes to copy Savannah all the time. He is the sweetest angel and is super easy going. It takes a lot to get him mad and he calms down really quickly. Not at all like our fiery little girl. But more about her later :) Cole told me today I love your necklaces mom (my earrings) its bootiful, like Vannah. Awww. My heart melted with how much he loved her. Every night when we tell him it's time for bed he quickly tells us how he doesn't want to go and that he's not tired! Then seconds later he rummages around the house, finds a train, car, stuffed animal, or sometimes even a card to sleep with. Then he comes back to us and says "I sleep with this?" Of course we usually say yes (sharp objects aside-once he wanted to sleep with measuring tape and I was like yeah what the heck but mike vetoed) and he marches obediently to his room. In his prayers he says Heavenly Father, thanks Dad. Thanks Mom. Thanks Vannah. Thanks Creed. Thanks Cole. and goes on to thank Heavenly Father for all his blessings (many many blessings, it often takes quite a while). It is so cute. He is such a blessing in our lives.

Creed 4 1/2 months

How lucky are we that we have such talented friends? Claudia is getting a website together and asked to take pictures of the kids. Umm of course who doesn't need super cute pictures of their own kids!! She did such an amazing job, thanks again! So Creed had a hard time keeping his hand out of his mouth, he is totally teething. I also wanted to mention Creed is starting to sit up on his own. He looks too little to do it so its kinda funny. Too cute