Saturday, July 23, 2011

Tropical Daze.......

We have been very busy lately. And now that I discovered how to blog from my new ipad 2......well lets just say everyone will be more informed about the strong daily happenings. Loving my new ipad, takes pictures and posts to the blog with little effort! Genius. This morning we had the pioneer day breakfast followed by a cub scout auction. We went in with the batemans and bought a canoe. Scott and Mike swear they will use it tons. Hmmmmm.........lets see if that happens.....after we headed to the Tropical Daze, an event at our local park. There were tons of booths, jump houses, lots of yummy food. Here is Savvy holding a tarantula...she loved it.

The snake....

Yes the apple fritter is bigger than Creed's head. And yes I ate it all. Please don't judge until you have tasted a fresh apple fritter. I am feeling a little queasy right now but it was totally worth it..

My super cute new shoes.....on their maiden voyage

Creed wanted NOTHING to do with the jump houses. They freak him out. If you even turned toward them he stated to cry...

We let the kids jump about an hour to burn off some energy....

All Creed wanted to do was look at the birds. There was a bird there who had been on regis and kelly and a bunch of other shows. He was pretty funny. The guy would ask him questions and he would shake his head yes or no, whistle, etc. Super cute.

Hula hooping contest....
Mike's the winner :) Love how he moves those hips ;)

Look we we won in the cub scout auction!

We came home from the cub scout auction this morning with a new toy...

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Friday, July 22, 2011

Family day

Eating Sprinkles salted Carmel cupcake at the beach on a gorgeous breezy day watching my kids play- is this heaven?

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Location:Santa Monica

Thursday, July 14, 2011

It's rough being 4. Obviously he's not as excited about dinner as me....

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Location:On our way to get dinner at cafe rio

Monday, July 11, 2011

White Water Rafting

We went on a new adventure last weekend. White water rafting. And i learned why they call it white water-because the where there are rapids the water churns and makes it turn white. Exciting and informative!

Bridget and Scott

Kathy and Tim

Mike threatening to dump me

Lydia and Kathy

Scott has his own equipment and invited us out. there were 2 groups of 8

Taking a much needed lunch break. Rafting is hard work! We left the house at 6 am and didn't get home until 11 pm. We rafted down the river like 5 times I believe? the last run one boat started at the top with more rapids. Of course I was stupid enough to want to go down that run. Bridget and I were steering in the front. Scott was giving directions in the back. We were headed straight for a rock and not hearing any instructions from Scott. We hit it and the entire boat flipped. It was pretty freaky. But what an adreneine rush! I definitly want to go again. It was hard work but relaxing when you just got to sit and float down the river at times.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Yosemite time!

Every year we try to get to Yosemite to get some camping in. This year we went a little later expecting the water level to be a little less. We were SO wrong! It was the highest I have ever seen it. All the falls were gushing with water and there were tons of extra falls that usually aren't even there! It was beautiful...

We saw a momma bear and her cubs. There was 3 of them and they were jumping on the logs and climbing trees. So cute

John and Donna joined us for our adventure. We stayed at a nearby KOA since we couldn't get camping in the park and drove in in the mornings.

After one of our long hikes we stopped for a much needed ice cream break

Creed fell asleep so I went on a nice walk around the park with him while everyone else crammed into the bus. It was nice...

The highlight of the trip of course for Creed was throwing rocks-can't ever get enough of that!

Beautiful Donna!

Bribery with Twizzlers....

So funny, Stephanie and Michael happened to be in Yosemite one day the same day as us, so we got to see them! She looks adorable with her cute baby belly....

We hiked to the bottom of nevada falls to eat some lunch and look at the falls

Then headed over to Yosemite Falls.

the kids had a rare moment of getting along and sharing their chips. I kept all kinds of junk in our house at all times and the kids usually couldn't really care less about eating it. But I don't ever buy chips (mainly because I am seriously just not that tempted by them) and as a direct result the kids are obsessed with them. Even Creed begs for chips. So whenever we go out of town or to the zoo or disneyland we take them. Savvy started calling them zoo chips when she was 2 and it stuck. So if my kids ask you for zoo chips they are looking for doritos.........

Creed loving his big brother....

Saw a few deer but not as many as usual

It was super fun and beautiful! We are so happy John and Donna were able to meet up.