Monday, May 26, 2008


The young women in our ward are totally great but they will probably never live up to Brandy!! We have been missing her so much, no one to play dress up and barbies with Savannah. And hardly any nights out for mike and I. We are so proud of her for getting into BYU!! She came to visit us a few weekends ago and we loved having her............come again soon!!


We were walking by Claire's last week and Savannah decided she wanted earrings. I totally jumped on it and even offered a little build a bear bribe when she started to get scared. It wasn't total hysteria, pretty tame and there's nothing like a pink cheetah dressed in a Cinderella ballgown to numb the pain. She is quite proud of her ears and shows them to everyone we meet. She is so friendly with strangers, it reminds me of when we lived in lancaster and she went up to a homeless man who was shaving in the parking lot and asked him for was so funny in hindsight. Anyways here's some new pictures, sorry I am updating all at once

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Slip and Slide time.......

Grandma Lorraine bought us this slip and slide last year and we never got to use it. We got it out last week and loved it! The picture of Cole crying is because Savannah wouldn't let him go on it. Poor guy. I finally showed him how it worked and he wasn't that interested. He just wanted to splash the water. It reminds me of when we were little and played all day on the slip and slide. Fun times......

Sleepy Cole

Cole and Savannah both decided to wake up at 6:00 yesterday. Yuk. By the time we had showered and were ready to go for the day, Cole decided he was ready to go back to sleep. So cute!!

Mother's Day!

My beautiful kids and gorgeous flowers from Mike. He also made my fav- Funfetti cake, and roast, YUM. Was a perfect day..........

Yum, Apples

Thought I would post a few pics of my kids loving their apples. They are so funny, Savannah will eat like practically the whole core. Here's Cole taking a little break from his daily woes to munch on a stolen apple. We call him Swiper because he loves to steal food. He came out of the play room the other day with a can of - EMPTY pringles. Yikes, where did he find those??