Sunday, June 22, 2008

Touch a Truck

Thousand Oaks puts on this really neat event every year for the kids where they have a bunch of trucks, fire engines, police cars, trains etc at one the the local parks and kids can climb all over and play and its free! We thought we had to check it and it was so neat! We are more impressed with this city everyday I swear! There was a dump truck that dumped balls and the kids would throw them back in, Cole was so obsessed. Savannah liked the train ride and the jump house (of course). We met the hernandez fam and the Albanese's there. Cole couldn't concentrate on anything until he got a balloon. Here's some pictures of Sal and Genieveve, Savannah and Cole's Bffs here in thousand oaks....

Hotel Night

We were bored last Friday (and hot) so we decided to get a hotel and go swimming. We found an awesome one right on the beach in Oxnard and it was super great for families! It had a bedroom, living room, kitchenette, and 2 full baths. We are so sold, we didn't even spring for the ocean view but the garden view was still gorgeous. We will definitley be visiting again soon since its a 20 minute drive yet 15 degrees cooler. Here's some pictures of the gardens and Savannah swimming. (and cole crying in the water-he HATES the water)

Happy Father's Day!

Why I love my Dad (by Savannah Strong)
"Because he cuddles me and plays with me and always says don't forget to let the bed bugs bite"
She forgot to mention that everytime I am cleaning her earrings or doing her hair she is like do it like Daddy, please, you are hurting me! So I guess he has a much gentler touch as well! Well we love you Mike and think you are the best daddy / father we could ever wish for!!