Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Field trip time

Best day ever :)

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Easter Pics....

Seriously though how cute are my kids :) Thank you SO much Amy for volunteering to take them, I love them. We ended up taking them at the hill close to my house because as we noticed the other day, it is bursting with yellow flowers! We were walking up the hill together and decided to take a short cut up this small muddy trail right up the side of the hill, since at the same instance we got to the hill an elementary school class on a field trip did as well. We basically mowed down some yellow flowers with the bob and almost didn't make it up, but in the end, beat that elementary school class and had an epiphany that it would be a cute spot for pics after noticing that my once orange stroller was covered in yellow flowers. It is so pretty in the spring here, we are just really loving it this year!!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Creed is a Walker

Creed started walking a few weeks ago in AZ, but as you can see by the video, he is still a little wobbly. We call it drunk walking

Savvy's project

S for Savannah

Savannah and her dad worked on a project for school. It was to make an animal. She chose a flamingo because that is her favorite animal. Mike took her to Joann's to pick out the supplies and came home with a styrofoam ball and a feather boa. Or a wooden stick and a pink wooden S. I was like what in the world are you going to do with all that? But Savannah knew exactly what she wanted to do, I am glad someone in this family is artistic, because I definitly am not! They did SUCH a good job, it turned out adorable.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Another zoo day!

Someone tell me without looking it up on the internet what type of elephants these are. If you know the answer then good for you. If not, then waste another couple minutes to look it up on the net.
The kids with Grandpa Steve at the Santa Barbara Zoo. Nicole worked the whole night so she didn't get to come. Sorry babe. We missed you.
I am pretty sure that if a kid had fallen into this guys enclosure, he would have beaten them to death in seconds. He had an intense look on his face and was staring us down like a little gangsta who's homie had just been dissed by us. Holy Cow! I just had an epiphany. Why don't we take all the violent criminals and put them into zoo like enclosures. But let it be open to the public so we could walk by and throw popcorn at them and mock them and watch them act like the animals they are. I guess that's kinda like a prison. But maybe if it were open to the public (for a price of course) then it would help off set the cost of housing them all.
This is Savannah's favorite part of the zoo. It's a fallen palm tree that has become the resident teter-totter.

My poor kids didn't have any cardboard to sit on and slide down the hill, so they just rolled down the hill instead. Savannah's outfit was so cute but by the end of the day it was destroyed. More brown, green and black than white and pink.

We have been so lucky to have Grandpa Steve here since Thursday. He drove home with Nicole and the kids so she wouldn't have to drive home alone. We got to go to the zoo in Santa Barbara and I was going to take him to the Mexican Place we usually go to but the line was out the door as per usual. So we ended up at Taco Bell. Trust me when I say though, that I did not mind one bit. Some times there is just nothing better than a number 6, both beef, one chalupa supreme, the other baja, and the hard shell taco switched with a soft shell taco, three packets of mild sauce and a large mountain dew. Man I am hungry now!

We were also lucky enough to go visit Grandma Mazie and Grandpa Lamar down in Orange County after church.

Spring break

There were special prizes for anyone who got a special gold egg. This was the closest thing Savvy could find to the gold eggs so she collected all this color
waiting for the easter egg hunt at the miniature gold place
Their favorite pastime, swimming. It was not yet to hot to swim. I think it is now though.
We got to spend time with Drew Clarke and Ty!
Visiting with the Easter bunny at the golf course. Cole was not too pleased
Davis and Cole checking out the goods
The kids had 3 egg hunts on the Saturday before Easter. They had a ward one before conference, one with the Nelsons, then one at a miniature gold course. They were in heaven
We spent spring break in AZ, we had a blast. Creed also started walking there, he is still perfecting it but pretty wobbly.