Thursday, August 27, 2009

School Days

We have been posting a ton lately because so much has been going on!! So Savannah had her first day of kindergarten. First off I got called in to the hospital at 4 am so I went in, did my ultrasound and got home at 5. I felt like it was MY first day of school and I had all these butterflies and couldn't go to back to bed. So at 7 I went in to wake up Savannah because I thought she was still sleeping. She had her whole uniform on and was going through her clips deciding which one she wanted to wear in her hair. (notice the new haircut-she picked that herself at the salon the other day-she usually has bangs but they were all sticking up funky today so we did the clips- ANYWAYS) I guess she was as excited as me! She was so ready to go and couldn't care less that she was in my eyes still my baby! She didn't turn to look at me once after I dropped her off. The only one crying was Cole. He decided he didn't like the idea of her going to school and cried the 5 minute walk back to the car. When we picked her up she talked our ears off all about kindergarten happenings, the story she read, and how her and 2 other girls stole play doh from some boys! Scandalous! Can't wait for junior high drama I'm sure that will be here in the blink of an eye.......

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Creed at 6 months

Well 6 1/2 months really. He is:
-projecting himself from the middle of a king size bed in 30 seconds flat (head injuries are nothing new around here)
-almost crawling- it is funny because I rarely put him on the floor, poor guy jumps all day in his jumper because our whole house is wood floors. So last weekend the Vanlandinghams came to visit and Carinn just let Breanne roam around on the wood and I decided to let Creed try it. No Mike those are NOT leg warmers. They are called Babylegs, and protect his little knees! Enough with the girly jokes about them :) So anyway we put him on the floor and all of a sudden he gets up on all 4 and starts to rock back and forth and did a little crawl forward. Where did that come from? One time on the ground and he's mimicking Dash. not quite but getting there.
-hanging out in his pack and play. the kids and I just come by every now and then and smile at him or throw him a toy and he's perfectly happy. Sweet little content guy. Like in the picture above, I just grabbed my camera and peeked over the pack and play and he had himself propped up in a corner and gave me a big smile.
-Eating lots of food and LOVING every bite of it-he even eats the nasty stuff like peas and green beans that my other 2 wouldn't touch so healthy little guy!
Here are his stats at his checkup a couple days ago:
Weight- 14 lb 2 ounces- 5%
Height- 27 1/4 inches 80%
Head- 35%
So his head has gotten larger (he was 25%) and height has gone up from 75%-80% but his weight has gone down. I am hoping with feeding him more solids he will bulk up a bit. Only half a year of living and I can't imagine my life without him! Happy (late) half birthday Creed!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Kids Adventure Garden

Thanks again to Jen (ladybug) and Sara (butterfly) for making the cakes, they were amazing and SO yummy!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Happy birthday 5 year old!

Our beautiful Savannah is five years old! Wow! I can't believe how fast the time has flown. Five years ago, we were living in a small house in Pomona, California with just our one child and our little dog Sammy. Savannah was such a good baby and has only become more of a joy to us with each passing year. She has become the best big sister to her little brothers, who both love her so much. Cole will copy Savannah with everything she does. Cute at times, silly at others and obnoxious once in a while.

For Savvy's fifth birthday, things started off a couple weeks ago up in Utah. Nanna Donna and Papa John, along with Savannah's aunts and uncles threw her a birthday party at Flat Iron Mesa Park in Sandy. She was lucky enough to have several of her cousins their to wish her a happy fifth. Once we returned home the celebration continued for our big girl. We took Savannah to Disney Land on Monday and had a blast. Just like last year, we took her to Ariel's Grotto for lunch. It's amazing to me to see all the little girls in that place in absolute ah of all the princesses. We were lucky enough to be able to meet up with several of our friends while at D-Land throughout the day as well. Then on Saturday, we had another party for Savannah, becuase two just isn't enough for a five year old. So we had the party at the Thousand Oaks Kids Adventure Garden. We had it reserved and so the place was all ours. It was nice not to have to stress having friends over to our house. The garden was pretty cool as well. They had several little paths for the kids to go exploring on and lots of water features to dip their fingers and hands into. There was a tree house built on top of an old tree, a pirate cave, a small little table set up with a tea set for the girls and lots of other things. Savannah was especially excited about the pinata that Nicole bought for the party. It was a butterfly to go along with the theme of Bugs. Savannah still can't pronounce pinata and has to call it her bee-ah-ta. Not too bad I guess. Nicole somehow got two of her friends to make the cakes, yes cakes for the party to. Jen made a cute lady bug cake and Sara made a great butterfly cake. Too nice of them to put so much hard work into our party, but we definately appreciate it. It was a fun day for us all and we are so proud of our little bug. Congratulations to Savvanah Lori Strong on turning five years old!!!!

We are also excited and nervous for her starting Kindergarten this Thursday. It is a new phase in her life as well as in ours. This is going to be a fun time in all of our lives. Savannah, we love you so much and are so greatful we have the blessing of being your parents.

Love ya Savvy!

Mom and Dad
I'm finally 5!
4 years
4 years
3 years
3 years
2 years
6 months below 1 year above

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Ariel's Grotto the 2nd

Savannah on her 2nd birthday below and 5th birthday above. Same outfit!

We were happy to finally meet up with the Nelsons and catch up! It has been too long. Last time we got together there was 4 kids between us now there are 6! Let's not wait until 8 to meet up again!

We decided with the Grimmers we will have a monthly D-land trip since it was such a success. Jolisa suggested weekly and Mike and I laughed. She has too much energy! If anyone wants to join us we'd love to meet up! All the kids were great the whole day and asleep by the fireworks so it was 5 stars in my opinion
Mike liked this picture he said it shows the essence of disneyland like a whirlwind
Samantha with her baby blues
Mike and Steven goofing off

Tatum and Savannah

This is one happy baby!
Cinderella. Savannah couldn't even speak when she was here. she just kept touching her dress and hugging her. Cole was SO over it by then
Creed kept watching mike eat the food. he was pretty jealous
Cole was mad we Savannah wanted him to put on the crown
We propped this bottle on the table and Creed was going to town! It the most he has ever drank out of a bottle - 3 ounces! He hates bottles usually
The princesses have a little show to teach the little girls how to act like royalty. Here they are learning to curtsy
We ate outside which was actually super nice. There was only 2 tables out there so we got a little more time with the princesses. Savannah was pretty much in awe just like last time. Its funny how the Disney Princesses are celebrities for little girls
Savannah even got a phone call from Ariel the day before inviting her to have lunch with her (she called from Sara's #-wierd) She was ecstatic and couldn't stop talking about how Ariel wanted her to have lunch. It was cute
We went to Disneyland this year to celebrate Savannah's up and coming birthday like usual. Of course her #1 request was Ariel's Grotto which we also did last year (for pictures go here what a difference a year makes!!) In the morning she got up and had her outfit all layed out and ready to go. She picked out overalls that I had made for her for her 2nd birthday and her minnie hat. I didn't think they would still fit, but with a little adjusting they were perfect. I will post a picture we took of her in them on her 2nd birthday to compare. too funny now they are shorts. Anyway we got to meet up with the Grimmers and the Nelsons and had a blast. It was super busy but the kids had fun anyway. It was the first day we got to go back after the summer black outs for the Southern California passport holders so many people had the same crazy idea that it would be a great day for Disneyland