Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Adventures with Carlee

Wait I almost forgot (sorry I always post backwards. so start at the bottom if you don't want to be confused). What is a trip to Southern California without making a new bff? We went to lunch on Friday with our friend from the ward Melissa. It's one of my favorite places to go for lunch since the salads and sandwiches are to die for and there is a playground there for the kids. Immedietly I spotted jeffrey tambour, since I am a die hard Arrested Development fan and LOVE his character. Hands down the funniest tv show ever put on the air. I played it cool of course. So I am just sitting there with Creed watching the kids play on the playground and he comes up to me and says how he LOVEs my stroller (thank you phil and ted) how he has it and they have taken it all over Europe. Then he sits down and talks with us for an hour all about strollers, Europe, his wife's ultrasounds, his kids (yes he is 65 and his kids are the same age as mine - 4, 2, and twins on the way) He's like I need to get your husbands contact info, I'm trying out for a role of a detective. He's all Melissa, can I borrow your sunscreen for my kid? so funny to hear a celebrity ask your friend to borrow sunscreen! We immediatly bonded. I mean the man loves phil and ted's, what's not to like? I hope this concluded Carlee's California trip with excitement. I mean I'm sure she would have rather had an encounter with Zac Effron but would he have come up to me started chatting about strollers and ultrasounds? I think not. Well we loved having Carlee with us and miss her already! She was such a sweet and fun girl to hang out with. Hopefully she can come again soon.

We stopped in Las Vegas on the way home to go to the Williams Sonoma outlet. THANKS again mike you rock. He likes to drive straight through and I like to break it up. So he suprised me with a stop to my favorite store. We picked out this adorable caterpillar cake pan and decorating kit. Carlee made the cake and decorated it herself! Mike thought it was the best frosting he'd ever had. Super cute huh. If you are driving through Las Vegas, definitly stop at the Williams Sonoma outlet. One of the only stores worth going to at that mall but it has it's own entrance. I was in heaven, so many good deals and cool things!
Creed loving the swings. Now that he is all grown up and 6 months
Triumphant at the top
She dresses herself now. What an appropriate outfit for a mile hike straight up hill. 3 people stopped to comment on her outfit when she was walking. She was quite pleased.
I took Carlee up the hill a couple times. We found out it is called Tarantula Hill. She said she loved it and felt so accomplished after. This is Savannah running ahead. We have a deal that everytime she walks up the hill alone she gets 20 points. 20 points equals a toy from the dollar store. It tends to give her that extra pep in her step. I owe her 4 trips to the dollar store.
When he woke up he was rejuvenated and enjoyed watching Carlee, Savannah, and Cole play
Creed enjoyed the beach too! He took a 2 1/2 hour nap! My little angel
Cole stealing some gatorade from Carlee
Taking a break to eat some lunch
I've been using my camera lately because its so much smaller than the Nikon. And so much less stressful to schlep around town with 3 kids in tow. Needless to say, the image quality is lacking in comparison. I wish I could find a camera that takes as good of pictures (and as fast) as the nikon but is as small as my canon. any suggestions?
Finally I gave up and let him sit in the sun. that's what sunscreen is for, right?
I kept putting the beach chair under the umbrella and Cole kept picking it up and putting it in the sun!
The first day she was here we went to the beach. Cole stayed close by momma while Carlee and Savannah played in the waves.
We were super lucky to convince Brandt and Soupie to let Carlee come stay with us for the week. She drove down with us on Tuesday and flew home on Sunday. We loved having here and tried to show her a good time Southern California style.


Ryan said...

Wow! So cool about Jeffrey Tambour! We are big Arrested Development fans too. Rarely does a sighting turn into them coming to talk to you and become your new bff! I only dream of that happening. What a treat!

It looks like you had a great time and are making us miss L.A. even more!

cheyney and ryan

Rebecca said...

Lucky Duck! I want to meet George Bluth! First I guess I gotta get some sort of cool stroller and end up in Malibu... Yeah - probably not gonna happen!

Jenks Family said...

all the beach pictures make me so jealous, I wish we lived closer.

Nana Donna said...

Wow, I'm behind on reading blogs again. Sorry I didn't get to this one sooner. I didn't know who Jeffrey Tambour was when Carlee told me, but now that I See his face, of course I know who he is. Thanks for taking Carlee....she had a blast in California. You are a great Aunt and Uncle.