Sunday, August 2, 2009

Family Home Evening

When I was going to school and Nicole and I were in the process of moving to Arizona to attend ASU, she asked me very seriously what I wanted to do for work. In the back of my mind I always wanted to be a police officer. I never thought I would however as cops were always depicted as being soooo poor on television. I also thought of being a pilot but then 911 happened and pilots started losing their jobs by the dozens. So I told her that I always wanted to be an officer. Nicole, being the wonderful supportive wife she is and always has been, said she was fine with that decision and so the process began. At the time it was a choice of Salt Lake City PD or LAPD. For a kid from Sandy it was a no brainer. Not because of family or location or any of that. Not even because of the pay check. More than anything it was because, if you want to be a cop, don't you want to be part of the most documented, well known and most hated departments in the world? Heck Yes! It has it's ups and downs of course, but over the past six years I have learned to simply accept the things I can't change with the Department and just enjoy the benefits that it does afford me on the positive side. One of those being the ability to live in such a wonderful location where we can raise our family with so many friends we have grown to love in just a short period. It took us a long time to make our way here, starting in Pomona then moving to Lancaster. When the time came for us to move again, Nicole and I agreed that if we are going to live in California, we should atleast try to move a little closer to the beach so we can enjoy one of the nicer parts this state has to offer. So that lead us here. Now I try to get to the beach atleast a couple times a month which isn't a whole lot, but I'll bet that in the first five years in Cali, we only went a total of 8-10 times. So it's a great improvement.

Long segway into this blog I know. Sorry for the length.

Last Monday, we gathered together with a few friends from our ward at Sycamore Cove State Beach near Malibu. We barbecued hotdogs and burgers and had a nice time.
The kids all loved this fallen down tree/driftwood lying on the beach. It was dubbed the babysitting tree. The kids entertained themselves on that one tree for two hours without needing any supervision. Weird! I liked this picture just because of the clouds.
Great picture of my beautiful wife and hippie son! JK! Nikki loves this little outfit. I have a hard time with it but don't mind too much I suppose.
Such a beautiful family!
Creed is such a happy little boy. We can take him pretty much anywhere and he just goes with the flow. A far cry from our first born Savannah. Truth be told, it's all about the parents learning to relax with the little ones. We love going to the beach as a family. One of my favorite past times now that we are closer to the ocean.
Savannah loves to get in the water and splash around and lay down letting the water rush over her body. Cole on the other hand likes to run after the waves then turn and run away from them as the waves roll back in. I liked this picture with Cole jumping and the kids having so much fun.

Cole racing me up the beach.
Cole got a little too brave and then a big wave came in. He gets pretty freaked out still when he can't out run the water.
Our little sweetheart. Such a good girl. We are so lucky to have such a great daughter who is the best big sister to her little brothers.
I never get tired of being at the beach. If you ever go to the beach with me, you'll find that I am a little kid. I love climbing on the rocks and looking for star fish and other living creatures hiding among the rocks and in the sand. And for some reason, I always end up digging a great big hole. Weird I know, but perhaps it's part of my slight case of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder I've diagnosed myself with.


The Strong Family said...

love the post babe. i was actually reading this and realized that I went to the beach 5 times last week. we get there a lot more than mike since he WORKS!!!!! :) Someone's gotta pay the bills...

Dayna said...

Hey Nikki, We are coming to California the first week of Sept. I would love to see you! Are you close to the Disneyland area? what beaches do yu always go to? We are planning two days just for the beach (surf bums!) Maybe we could get together there?! You are so lucky you live by the beach! We are so jealous.

The Grimmers said...

Mike I'm learning more and more the reality of your statement..."Truth be told, it's all about the parents learning to relax with the little ones." Great post looks like you had fun!! Can't wait to see you in a week or soo at D-land!!!!

Nana Donna said...

Wow, I loved your post Michael, and the pictures are great. You have grown in so many ways. I am a very proud mother. I love you and your cute little family.