Tuesday, July 29, 2008


These are all pre-cast pics but I thought they were perfect bossy sibling pics

Savannah is such a worrier! She came to me all concerned. She said "Mom, I am just scared that Cole doesn't want to be a daddy when he grows up. I asked him and he said no, I think he just wants to be a police officer" She then went on to tell me how she tried to talk to him about it and he kept saying no. She just couldn't understand why he would shun his fatherly duties! I assured her that when he was older (and no wasn't his favorite word) he would probably change his tune....

Thursday, July 24, 2008

X Rays

We have been getting so many x rays lately and after the Dr was showing us Savannah's x rays taken yesterday she got super puzzled and was like I can't believe there is a piggie in my arm? She thought her arm looked like a pig (the cast makes it look really thick) Then she was getting these giggle attacks about it and Cole started cracking up too oinking like a pig. I'm sure the surgeon was like ok lets get these crazys out of here...........Next time we are going to try the giggly pig routine during our little waiting room visit. I am sure it will shorten the wait time!

Homeless Aunt Jenna

Last night Savannah, Mike and I were talking after Cole went to bed (she likes to blab away for about a half hour every night when Mike gets home) we were telling her how we are going to the aquarium to meet Drew and Clarke tomorrow and then we were going to Grandma Lorraines house to stay. She was like is my best friend going to be there? We were like which friend? "You know my favorite friend, the one who doesn't have a home to live in and has no mom and dad?" We were so confused when she finally added oh yeah aunt jenna. So jenna, not only are you Savannah's favorite friend, you are also homeless! (my sister is on summer break from BYU and staying with my grandma in Orange County)

Beach Camping Fun!

Grandpa Steve and Savannah riding around in the dirt
A day in Solvang! This was the cutest town and has the best pastries! And good abielkeviers (spell??) too! They made me miss grandma's since we haven't been down there for one of her breakfasts in awhile. Super yummy.

Trying out the Danish baked goods. No wonder some of my danish ancestors were rather large, I would be huge if I had fresh bread and goodies everyday.
By the way those are Jessica's legs, sorry I just realized your head was cut off!

Playing with the fountain! Savannah and Cole had so much fun being with their cousins and with their grandpa/grandma and aunts and uncles! Hopefully next year we can do it again

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Done with the Beach for the SUMMER

Hi everybody, this is Mike. I am sitting here on the couch while Savannah sleeps next to me. She has had a rough past 24 hrs and is totally wiped out. Yesterday, she went to school for just the third time since we moved. I was just getting ready to pick her up when we received a phone call from her teacher. The teacher told Nikki, "Savannah fell off the monkey bars and hurt herself, and I think her arm might be broken." So I drove to the school to pick her up and drive her to the hospital. One look at her left arm and I could see it was broken. It kinda looked like a lazy U. As soon as I put her in the van, she said, "Daddy, I don't want to get a shot!" "My arm feels better now!" Poor little girl. Anyways, she was a total trooper and survived the ordeal. I think they took special care of our Savvy because we were at the hospital Nicole works at. Nicole was there too and made sure the radiologists knew that this patient was a child of a co-worker. Yea for Mommy!

So now Savannah is not able to go play anywhere there is sand, ie. beach, playgrounds, camping, etc. It only took her 4 hours from waking up to say, "I want to go swimming." Great, this should be fun for the next 6 weeks.

Before the broken arm occured, yesterday was fun for Cole and I. I decided that I wanted to take my little buddy with me to a Barber Shop to get our hair cut. It actually went pretty well. The only part Cole didn't like was having the drape placed over him. So now he really looks like a little man with his big boy hair cut.

The last thing I wanted to put on here today was the fact that I finished building the playhouse. Not a great accomplishment for some, huge for me! I just want to thank my dad for helping me build it and for taking some of his vacation time out to help Nicole and I. I'll throw some pictures on here, hopefully they will lay out properly unlike my last post. I'm working on figuring this thing out.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

This is Mike. Husband to Nicole (mastermind of this blog, and my Lover), and father of my two awesome children Savannah and Cole.
On the fourth of July, we walked down the street about a mile to our favorite park, Conejo Valley Community Park. Nicole and I sat on the grass, eating store bought ceasar salad and Dorito Ranch chips, while the children played on the play sets and ran wild for hours. The city of Thousand Oaks sponsored the event, which included a live band playing American themed music, and booths selling popcorn, hotdogs, and our favorite, snow cones (cherry flavored). Nicole and I took it easy and spent several hours just lying around while the kids played non stop until the sun went down. When it was dark, the fireworks show started, and was pretty well done. It was worth the time waited to hear Cole yelling "Whoa" and "Wow" after every explosion, and Savannah screaming, "Pink, Blue, Green" and so on with each different color of firework. As Nicole has already pointed out in previous messages, we truly love our new home and community hear in the T.O.

Friday, July 4, 2008


Shannon tagged me so I thought it would be fun to try it out!


Definitly my greatest joys are my husband and children! I love waking up in the morning and cuddling with Mike, then having Savannah climb into bed and eventually Coley. I also love watching the funny and adorable things my kids do. It hard to look at them and not thing they are the cutest most amazing kids in the universe (but I'm sure everyone thinks that about their kids too)

Our alone time at night. We put our kids to bed at 7:00 and 7:45 so we can have some alone time without kids everynight, and somedays I am counting down the minutes until 7! Mike and I will watch a show have some ice cream or just rehash our days. It is very enjoyable and I'm lucky tohave a husband I still enjoy so much!

The beach. I just love everything about the beach, the sun, the sand, the water. I love just looking at the ocean and I love how kids get so dirty. It's so funny to watch Cole eat a sandwich at the beach, it is mostly sand and a little bread /pb etc. So funny.


I always have horrible dreams about my kids drowning in a pool, it is the worst. That is the main reason I really didn't want a pool when we were house searching.

Getting audited-I will always have the biggest fear of being audited for more years. Having already experienced it for 2004, 2005, and 2006 and knowing what a nightmare it was (and is as we are still dealing with it) I am deadly afraid that we will be audited every year for the rest of our lives and end up giving every penny we make to the US government.

Gosh I have so many fears its hard to pick this last one, I never knew! Probably having a child with a disability. I feel so lucky to have been blessed with 2 healthy children I just hope and pray that our next will be the same.

Current Obsessions:

For those of you who know me you know I am obsessed with boutique children's clothes. I am a huge ebayer and love going to sample sales in LA. Most people think it is wierd that I can spot a label and a line just by looking at what children are wearing but it's even weirder that Savannah has probably owned (or owns) many of them! I love to go to boutiques and look at items and find them for like 75% cheaper, it gives me a thrill.

Watermelon-I love this fruit and can't get enough of it, neither can my kids. Mike is less enthusiastic so more for us!

Dishes in the sink! I have always hated when there are dishes in the sink, when I used to work if I got home and there were dishes in the sink it would just ruin my day. Now that I stay home I always make sure the dishes are put straight into the dishwasher (c'mon people it's not that hard :)

Random things about myself:

I am really interested in Obstetrics and know all sorts of little tidbits about yolk sacs, subchorionic bleeds, crls, lmps, edd, when the chorion and amnion fuse, etc. So I really love my job and if I wasn't a mom I think I would become an OB/ Gyn

So thats me, I tag Rebecca!