Saturday, July 12, 2008

Done with the Beach for the SUMMER

Hi everybody, this is Mike. I am sitting here on the couch while Savannah sleeps next to me. She has had a rough past 24 hrs and is totally wiped out. Yesterday, she went to school for just the third time since we moved. I was just getting ready to pick her up when we received a phone call from her teacher. The teacher told Nikki, "Savannah fell off the monkey bars and hurt herself, and I think her arm might be broken." So I drove to the school to pick her up and drive her to the hospital. One look at her left arm and I could see it was broken. It kinda looked like a lazy U. As soon as I put her in the van, she said, "Daddy, I don't want to get a shot!" "My arm feels better now!" Poor little girl. Anyways, she was a total trooper and survived the ordeal. I think they took special care of our Savvy because we were at the hospital Nicole works at. Nicole was there too and made sure the radiologists knew that this patient was a child of a co-worker. Yea for Mommy!

So now Savannah is not able to go play anywhere there is sand, ie. beach, playgrounds, camping, etc. It only took her 4 hours from waking up to say, "I want to go swimming." Great, this should be fun for the next 6 weeks.

Before the broken arm occured, yesterday was fun for Cole and I. I decided that I wanted to take my little buddy with me to a Barber Shop to get our hair cut. It actually went pretty well. The only part Cole didn't like was having the drape placed over him. So now he really looks like a little man with his big boy hair cut.

The last thing I wanted to put on here today was the fact that I finished building the playhouse. Not a great accomplishment for some, huge for me! I just want to thank my dad for helping me build it and for taking some of his vacation time out to help Nicole and I. I'll throw some pictures on here, hopefully they will lay out properly unlike my last post. I'm working on figuring this thing out.


Nana Donna said...

Nikki and Mike, Tell Savvy she will be getting a surprise around Wed. next week from Nana & Papa. Thanks for the mention reg. Dad, he enjoyed working with you Mike.

Give the kids a big hug and kiss!

Nana Donna said...

Hi Savannah & Cole,

Nana and Papa just wanted you to know we miss you. Savvy, we are so sorry about your broken arm. Your daddy told us you were a big girl for them at the hospital. I'm so glad your mommy and daddy were there for you. We sent you a get well present, watch for it! Coley Woley, you look so grown up with your hair cut, have mommy and daddy give you a big hug to you and your big sister.

Shannon said...

Nice job on the blogging, Mike. Well done. Poor little Savvy. My boys have yet to break anything but I am sure it is a matter of time with Logan. I hope Savvy finds a new joy that doesn't include water...maybe the new playhouse? And Cole is just the cutest thing with his haircut. Wish I could see you guys more often!

stephanie said...

carinn told me about savvy's arm. so sad! and cole's coley's hair is so cute like that!

stephanie said...

and how did you get such a cute template? did you buy it or find a website or what?

natalie said...

Hi Mike and Nikki and cute little Cole and Savannah. I'm so sorry you broke your arm, Savannah. Collin and Sydney say to tell you that it won't hurt for long and will heal really fast. I love to read your blog. We miss you all so much!!!