Thursday, July 24, 2008

Homeless Aunt Jenna

Last night Savannah, Mike and I were talking after Cole went to bed (she likes to blab away for about a half hour every night when Mike gets home) we were telling her how we are going to the aquarium to meet Drew and Clarke tomorrow and then we were going to Grandma Lorraines house to stay. She was like is my best friend going to be there? We were like which friend? "You know my favorite friend, the one who doesn't have a home to live in and has no mom and dad?" We were so confused when she finally added oh yeah aunt jenna. So jenna, not only are you Savannah's favorite friend, you are also homeless! (my sister is on summer break from BYU and staying with my grandma in Orange County)


Nana Donna said...

That is so cute!

Shannon said...

Classic! It is so interesting to here the funny things that come from kids mouths. Everything is so literal and innocent. Savannah, you are adorable!