Thursday, July 24, 2008

X Rays

We have been getting so many x rays lately and after the Dr was showing us Savannah's x rays taken yesterday she got super puzzled and was like I can't believe there is a piggie in my arm? She thought her arm looked like a pig (the cast makes it look really thick) Then she was getting these giggle attacks about it and Cole started cracking up too oinking like a pig. I'm sure the surgeon was like ok lets get these crazys out of here...........Next time we are going to try the giggly pig routine during our little waiting room visit. I am sure it will shorten the wait time!


Nana Donna said...

We got your comment regarding Bear Lake. We were thinking of you, wishing you could be there. But don't worry you will get some chances to camp with cousins, now that you live so close to the Beaches. I know Brandt and Soupie are talking about visiting, and you know that Shannon and Natalie will visit again. And dad and I for sure!!!!! When are you going to do Bear Lake with us?

Nana Donna said...

How cute are my two grandkids, I can hear them laughing now with their deep voices!

Shannon said...

Okay, the homeless comment was cute but this is way too funny! Again, literal and innocent. I hope the little piggie in her arm is healing the way it should be. :)