Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Disney in August....

We went to D land on Savvy's Bday!

Eating dole pinapple whip.........yum....

fighting over who gets to ride in the chariot........

Met up with Linnae and Brent for the first half of the day and Jody for the second half. It was super fun

Bugs World ride


Creed taking a little nap. This guy took 3 hour naps BOTH times we went to nice!

Sweet baby eden...

Mommies and their strollers..........

So the following pics are from a couple weeks ago. We went to disneyland when Jenna and Kellan came down for a visit. We stayed ALL day and had a blast!

creed lost a shoe during his nap :(

We love disney and love Jenna and Kellan! We are ready for your next visit!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Baby love....

It made me so sad today when I was looking at these pictures and thinking how I grew up with my cousins like we were all brothers and sisters and now I rarely get to see them. Wish we could all live closer together!

People who think they are done having kids should not be allowed to hold babies this cute....

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Lake Louise & Maligne Lake

The Chateau Lake Louise- one of the most gorgeous views ever....

After speding two days in Edmonton and St. Albert, we headed back down South and West to the mountains. The rain finally cleared and the mountains looked amazing. This post will be mainly about Lake Louise and Maligne Lake, though one or two pictures of Banff Springs may have snuck in.
The above picture is my two beautiful girls sitting in front of Maligne Lake. I love the color of the water.

I always thought of the Utah Rocky Mountains as tall and rugged, but once you see the Canadian Rockies in person, it's a whole different league of rugged!

This is the view from inside the Chateau Lake Louise. The hotel is absolutely amazing! We didn't stay there, but I did get to take Savvy and Cole on a canoe ride out on the lake.

Creed loved exploring the nature surrounding him. The squirrels and rabbits gave him plenty to chase.

They had these really neat canoes that lifted Savannah high above the water to get a birds eye view of the lake and mountains! Just kidding. Just a lot of weight in back.

I love this picture. It just seems so peaceful and beautiful. It also reminds me of when I worked at Schofield Aquatics Camp and taught canoeing. We had a 30 passenger canoe that we would use to take scout troops out to the island for an overnighter.

The Chateau Lake Louise.

The water is so blue it looks fake. There is such a high mineral content that you can't even see through it, even though it's probalby some of the cleanest water on earth!

Cole and Savannah did such a wonderful job out on the canoe that when the opportunity arose for me to purchase a canoe, I jumped at the chance! I can't wait to put our canoe out in the water in some of the lakes around us.