Thursday, August 11, 2011

Canada Vacation-Calgary part 1

So back in June Nikki and I took our little family to Canada where I served my mission. We flew into Calgary and spent a few days there and then headed up to Edmonton for two days and finished up down in Banff for two days before driving back to Calgary for our flight home.

The next several posts are going to be dedicated to our trip to the Beautiful Country of Canada!

No, not a real live deer. Just a mount inside the Bass Pro Shop in Calgary. I can never get enough of Bass Pro Shop's and Cabela's. The kids love them too. Nicole is only partial to them but patient with me and the kids.

Savannah would do well in Canada, she loves the cold weather like her dad, and enjoys the rain and snow.

The first couple of days it was raining non stop. We still enjoyed ourselves though. This is Nicole standing in front of the Calgary Skyline with the Bow River and Princess Island Park between her and the city. Calgary and Edmonton are both so green, clean, beautiful and full of such friendly people!

If you look close you can see the pedestrian bridge that takes you to Princess Island Park. The park is awesome and their are these black squirrels that I have never seen anywhere but right in Calgary.

The first full day in Calgary we headed to their Zoo which is located on an island of the Bow River. I was able to go to the Zoo twelve years ago when I was serving in Calgary and I remembered it to be really nice. It did not dissapoint! The animals were so lively and up close for the kids to see. Savannah was upset in this picture because she just realized that mom packed her tan coat instead of her blue coat.

This animal is called a Red Panda. I learned that this animal is not related to a Panda at all. In fact, it is more closely related to a bear than to a panda or a racoon, which it also resembles. Really neat looking animal though regardless.

This tiger was so agitated. There were two other tigers just on the other side of the metal fence it is looking at, and for some reason this guy was isolated and not happy. He was growling and snorting and staring the kids down. Really cool to see up close

Our hotel in Calgary was so nice. Not super luxurious or anything but so great for a family! There was a nice sized indoor swimming pool with a huge tube water slide that Savannah lived on for the few days we were there.

Creed thought the hot tub was just a little too hot.

I published the pictures backwords! This was us on our way to LAX from the Hotel where we parked the car. SO excited!

This picture of Cole was taken just before we left the house. I guess he was just a little upset. Luckily, his fits don't usually last too long.

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