Monday, May 31, 2010

Thursday, May 20, 2010

LA zoo

ZOO day! As the school year is coming close to an end I decided to be nice and let Savvy come with us on one of our many fun adventures we do during the day. We went with Amy and Stephanie and it was a perfect day for the zoo. All pics courtesy of Amy, thanks for being a brilliant photographer and thanks for sharing!
I kept telling her they were MISTers, not SOAKers, but she didn't listen

Cute Baby creed. I know it looks like a jungle, but it is just our backyard before leaving for the zoo.
At one point we found Sid cornering Savannah up against the wall to get more. Is this a prediction of what may happen in the future?

Sid and Savannah were cracking us up with their sno cone sharing! They kept calling out how delicious it was
Cole and Coop sharing a snow-cone
a auntie and her baby niece. It was so cute watching them play together!
Good thing Creed is small enough to go in the carrier still!! The kids were tired by the end of the day and of course didn't want to walk

Sunday, May 2, 2010

The busiest baby on the block

This is what happens EVERY day at least 2 times a day after I have cleaned up from breakfast and the other meals. Creed is such a good baby and we love him so much....but, he is the biggest mess maker in the world. After every meal, Mike or I sweep the floor in and around the kitchen table to clean up after three young children still learning to eat like humans. This is fine and we don't mind one bit. It's the mess that is created after the mess that drives us insane! Creed is just learning to walk and it didn't take him long to learn where all the good places are to make huge messes. First, is as the picture shows, the garbage. He is obsessed with the garbage. We'll sweep up a huge mess, and turn around for one second and the mess has become ten times what it was because Creed just had to see what it was that was thrown into the garbage can. Another favorite place of Creeds is the bathroom. If we forget to close all doors leading to bathrooms then we are in big trouble. Creed loves to go fishing in the toilets and just swish his little hands in the cool water. If he's not playing in the toilet, he's pulling out lip stick, lotion, desitin, razors, and so much more. So much fun. The other day I bought a sheet cake for a birthday of a friend of mine. She couldn't eat the whole thing so she gave us back the majority of it. After Mike and I had our fill, we decided to throw the rest away. Well Creed did what he does and grabbed a huge handful of the crisco based cake and smeared it all over the walls, dishwasher, fridge, floors, washer, cabinets and the furniture too. So much fun! He is lucky we love him so much or he'd be in so much trouble.

Down on the farm

shake your bootie, chicken dance time
All the kindergarteners did a play called down on the farm, it was so adorable! Savannah was in the chicken dance, she did such a good job!

She was also a farm girl
one of her friends Sal
With some of her buddies before the play