Sunday, May 2, 2010

The busiest baby on the block

This is what happens EVERY day at least 2 times a day after I have cleaned up from breakfast and the other meals. Creed is such a good baby and we love him so much....but, he is the biggest mess maker in the world. After every meal, Mike or I sweep the floor in and around the kitchen table to clean up after three young children still learning to eat like humans. This is fine and we don't mind one bit. It's the mess that is created after the mess that drives us insane! Creed is just learning to walk and it didn't take him long to learn where all the good places are to make huge messes. First, is as the picture shows, the garbage. He is obsessed with the garbage. We'll sweep up a huge mess, and turn around for one second and the mess has become ten times what it was because Creed just had to see what it was that was thrown into the garbage can. Another favorite place of Creeds is the bathroom. If we forget to close all doors leading to bathrooms then we are in big trouble. Creed loves to go fishing in the toilets and just swish his little hands in the cool water. If he's not playing in the toilet, he's pulling out lip stick, lotion, desitin, razors, and so much more. So much fun. The other day I bought a sheet cake for a birthday of a friend of mine. She couldn't eat the whole thing so she gave us back the majority of it. After Mike and I had our fill, we decided to throw the rest away. Well Creed did what he does and grabbed a huge handful of the crisco based cake and smeared it all over the walls, dishwasher, fridge, floors, washer, cabinets and the furniture too. So much fun! He is lucky we love him so much or he'd be in so much trouble.


Tommy and Jolynn said...

I am laughing bc I feel that same frustration/just laugh feeling from our little Drakie!! It will be over soon, right?!

dietcokegrrl said...

You KNOW I can relate to this. Helene totally thinks the garbage is her BFF.

I mean, why not? It's just her size. It always has lots of treasures inside for her. And she likes to give it things in return.

I can't tell you the number of times I have found her eating garbage out of there...or playing with eggshells.

We've lost at least 4 pacifiers, a shoe, some toys, and a remote because she must have thrown them in the trash and we didn't notice.

Who knows what else is missing. And that list would be a lot longer if I hadn't noticed all the other stuff.

Yes...hope this stage is over soon! :)

Everts said...

Caleb is the same way! Drives me insane!!!

Nana Donna said...

Oh! So Sorry! I hated having to go around cleaning up after I just got through and few minutes earlier. Welcome to Parenthood! He is a little darling though!

The life of MeMe said...

He's so sweet looking in those Pics, it's like the mess happened all by itself and he was just an innocent bystander.