Saturday, October 25, 2008

6 months pregnant and Mommy/ Me haircuts

Haven't really posted any pregnancy pics here's a couple and some pics of Savannah and I's matching hair cuts! I always chop my hair when I'm pregnant, its like part of the pregnancy symptoms. I think I get so bored and frustrated being big I search for SOMETHING new and fun and the only thing I can ever think of is my hair! I know pregnancies are the time you can eat and drink (virgin of course) and be merry, but I have been so afraid of getting huge this pregnancy! I just have this picture in my mind of moms with 2 kids having it altogether in their designer jeans that still fit and moms with 3 kids wearing their sweat pants with their hair in messy bun. Siblings if you are reading this, just picture me, in mom's favorite teal stirrup stretch pants, with matching over-size teal tunic, the 5th consecutive day of wearing and Savannah going "mom seriously are you wearing that again??" When I start wearing the 10 signs to spot a Professional shopper over sized tee over leggings (family I'm sure you would never forget that beloved tee of Mom's and friends just picture an over sized cheesy t that have silly antidotes and stains all over) Please stop me!!!

Monday, October 20, 2008

More Disneyland Fun!

Watching their lucky big sisters and dads go on the log ride
Cole getting a little jealous he didn't get to go.......
Savannah was so brave this trip! She did all these new rides that she has never done before! She went on this log ride, Splash mountain, the Matterhorn, the haunted mansion, the house of terror twilight zone one with the big elevator drop, and almost Space mountain but she chickened out at the last minute. She is getting so big!!
As I was waiting outside with the 2 boys at the house of terror ride, pluto came out and chilled with us for awhile. Andrew was so obsessed! I had to post this pic of him loving pluto below, it is so classic. He stayed there for like 5 minutes and then the girls came off the ride and got to see him too! The boys also got to visit with Eeorye while we were waiting at Splash Mountain, we were just sitting there waiting again when he just came up to us. Pretty cool. The boys were thrilled, Cole kept saying Ee-or

We went to the storyteller's cafe for breakfast at the Grand Californian, SUCH good food and they had all the forest creatures coming around. They also had a little program for the kids when they took the kids and did a little activity while the parents ate. I would definitly recommend if going to D-land.......
Chip and Savvy. No picture of Cole since Cole thought all these forest creatures were like monsters at first
He finally warmed up to the raccoon when he went around the wall and was playing peek-a-boo, who doesn't love that game, c'mon now.
This is the little bear from Brother Bear Here is Cora on the right
Dale, not to be confused with Chip........
We met up with one of Mike's mission companions and his family at Disneyland the other day. Kindle and Erin have kids about our age and were visiting from Las Vegas. It was so fun to spend the day with them! Mike says on his mission he was all cocky and Kindle said something about doing track and mike challenged him to a race. Mike was like I'll kick your butt (those of you who don't know, Mike is super talented at track, took first in high jump and placed in 2 other events in state in high school- also had a full ride to ricks as a decathalete) Kindle was like ok, but you take a huge lead (like 300 feet or something) Mike said he was thinking what a joke I will kill you, but Kindle still beat him by a huge lead. Turns out he was in trials for the olympics. Anyway it is funnier when Mike tells it because I can just see him being shocked, like WHAT?? Someone is actually faster (way) than me?? Funny.......anyways here are some pics!!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Bad Parents

Savannah to me while sitting on the toilet (having a bout of upset stomach and you know the rest) "Mom, I just don't know why you and daddy let me eat so much candy today". Me- sorry Savannah, I don't know what I was thinking. Savannah- "After I am done we will have to sit down and have a talk, Daddy will sit on the big couch, you will sit next to him, and I will sit on the little couch. I will say Mom & Dad, I need to eat healthy foods and fruits and vegetables before I can have only 1 little piece of candy, or maybe a little pack of fruit snacks" Me-Sounds good........................

Friday, October 10, 2008

The economy.......

Funny blog about the economy. I guess it is really affecting everyone in one way or another and we will all just have to ride it out.........

Thursday, October 9, 2008

AZ, the place to be.....

Savannah and I on the wild and crazy ride
Cole absolutely loved the boat ride it was really fun for him
Savannah got spoiled by her Uncle David and Aunt Ally with a big slumber party! (please ignore the sad face in the picture, she really did have fun :) They ate Mac & Cheese and popsicles and watched movies. Then she woke up at 4 in the morning and moved into their bed and kept grabbing Dave's face to make sure he was there. She told Mike and I on the way home "Uncle David and Aunt Ally have a pool. I wish we had a pool. We only have 1 fun thing, a dog. I wish we had 1- a pool, 2- a trampoline, and 3- a dog" Then her life would be complete. She told me today that Aunt Ally let her have 2 popsicles and why wouldn't I? I told her the next time she has a slumber party she can have all the popsicles they would give her. Oh yeah and she learned how to play old school Nintendo. David said when she died ( as Mario) she would say "I didn't die, I just jumped out of the way" Funny. Ally wasn't in this picture because she was making her to die for Apple Croquet (that's what they called it??) It was the best dessert ever.........Hopefully I can get the recipe and try it for Thanksgiving........
A day at the lake with Grandpa Steve!! Savannah hated the boat at first then really got into it. She especially liked the tube. Mike got to take her 3 times and I went with her once. Mike went wakeboarding a couple times and I couldn't resist, I decided to get in on the action too. I was very cautious and only went out of the wake once. It was really fun. I am trying to breed love of wakeboarding in the baby before he is even born.

Cole getting brave at waving at the camera. When Mike was wakeboarding Cole kept saying good job Daddy!
Savvy and Mike
Carinn doing some princess hair braiding. Savanah and I also got matching haircuts!! It was very traumatic for her, but it looks so adorable. She looks really grown up with a short little bob
Amelia and Savannah. This is the best pic I could get of the 2 of them. They loved playing with each other. We miss them so much siince we've moved!!
Savannanah loved being doted on by Alauna, Vanessa, Nick, and Aunt Jan. Mike and I loved going to lunch by ourselves and to the movies! I had Cafe Rio twice, heaven on earth
The guys. Neal and Cole are only 2 months apart! They were so cute!

We just went on a family trip to Arizona to visit family. Carinn and Eric went the same weekend so of course Savannah and Cole were thrilled to spend time with their cousin!! We stayed with Jan & Dean and spent time with my Dad & Lisa & fam, and Dave and Ally. Grandma Lorraine was also there so it was really fun!!!