Thursday, February 24, 2011

Monday, February 21, 2011

The met!

Grand Central Station
The subway
The met! I loved going with Jenna, she had a lot of input about the paintings and everything. College girl.......................I probably took a few art classes in my day but don't really remember anything about them!

Loved everything about egypt

above you will see rebecca's favorite couch in the world. below you will see her favorite bed in the world :)

I was like wow what a cool bathtub! it was actually a place to keep their wine.

I could have easily spent all day here!! So many things to see.........

After the Met we stopped to refuel. Yummy brunch!
Afterwards we went to the museum of modern art.
Ended our trip with one more stop at Magnolias bakery! Yum! Now I know why everyone HEARTS NYC so much, I am right there with you all...............hopefully I can go again soon, 3 days just wasn't enough.

Sunday, February 20, 2011


Last weekend we spent an amazing 3 days in NYC! Jenna, Becky, Cami, and I went together. It was the first time for Jenna, Becky and I so Cami showed us the ropes..
The first day we woke up early to go see the lady of liberty- on the subway on the way there

Waiting to get our tickets, looking at the city.

Getting on the ferry

The skyline from the Statue of Liberty

This was the orginal flame

We loved these pictures taken at the crown. Looks like freaky little hand people

Our lady of liberty! jenna really liked this statue as you can tell :)

Ellis IslandThe building was beautiful and I loved hearing different people's stories about immigrating here. So many trials and struggles to get here.

After we got back from Ellis Island we decided to walk to the financial district. This is the NY stock exchange
This was a super yummy place called Trinity Place. It was located in an actual old bank vault

After we went to ground zero and toured the visitor's center they have temporarily until the huge memorial opens. We walked next to the brooklyn bridge.

Walked halfway across

After we took the subway to soho and walked around. I loved it. It was one of my favorite places in NYC. We went to a cute bakery and got some cookies to go (couldn't resist) then walked over to Magnolia Bakery.

Becky was getting pretty tired at this point. Baby boom boom in her belly wasn't being very nice to her. We convinced her just ONE more stop at the empire state building
We went to the top and got to see the city at night. It was amazing.

Day 2 we slept in a litte then headed out.

Rockerfeller Center

Top of the rock

Cami is really a red. So she might be bugged by this picture

The skating rink was right under the flags. Where they put the Christmas tree is to the right of the picture.

There were SO many gorgeous cathedrals and churchs.

After top of the rock we walked towards Central Park, stopping to shop along the way.

The Plaza-it was snowing in this picture (the only time it snowed during our trip)

Stopped for a vendor hot dog at the park after we ate a Crumbs Cupcake from FAO schwartz

Central Park was gorgeous and unbelievable huge

Saw lots of super cool strollers while we were there. Snapped a quick shot of this one. Think its a easywalker duo. All the kids look super cozy with their footmuffs on.

Then the sun started to shine

The steps at the New York Public Library.

We went to a fun restaurant called Stardust diner. The waiters and waitresses sing to you and put on shows.

Then walked to times square. Thats also where we stayed. A few blocks away

So many yummy desserts in NYC! Best food ever. We went to Shake Shack super late that night and had the best burgers ever.