Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines!

happy valentines day from the strongs! Now onto more cruising fun....laying out in the nice warm sun. This day the boat was docked at Cabo San Lucas but we decided to stay on board and swim and stuff.

Enjoying the hot tub


then next day was Puerto Vallarta. We got off the boat this day and went to this super nice hotel and played at the beach and went swimming in their pools.

They had a cute playground

We decided to get Savannah's hair braided to save us some time in the mornings

The finished product

All you can drink virgin pina coladas and strawberry daiquiris. So yummy

The 2 slides. Savvy went alone, she is quite the little fish. Cole had to be caught at the bottom by Mike. It was really deep.

Walking out on some rocks

It wasn't just any rocks. It was a wedding chapel I guess :)

there were hundreds of crabs. Too bad we were full from our huge mexican buffet

That night was pirate night. It was one of the funnest nights. At dinner they had all pirate themed food.

pirate cups that lit up

and a cool show to watch

After dinner there was a huge pirate party. here is the appetizer and dessert bars as they were being set up...

they had a big show with Captain Hook and captain jack sparrow and tons of pirates taking over the ship. Lots of dancing and fun

Savvy dancing with minnie

oh no who's that?

there's mickey to save the day........

Lots of fireworks to end the evening.........

Afterwards they layed out the beach chairs and turned on pirates of the carribean to watch on the big screen out under the stars. cole and sav fell asleep on the chairs eating pizza.

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The life of MeMe said...

SO FUN! I wish we were there with you guys.