Wednesday, February 16, 2011


We have learned that when on a cruise ship, do not buy into the advertised excursions. I don't know why we didn't realize that to begin with, I mean it's Mexico! You can always talk prices down. So when we got to Cabo, we decided to just get off the boat and see what we could find.

What we found was a gentleman who was renting a waverunner for $90 US dollars. We asked him how much for two for the hour and he said $90 US dollars. Well, we got him down to $50 US dollars and that included the price of the water taxi to the beach and back to the harbor.
Savannah and I playing in the water awaiting our wave runners. The water was a little cool, though nothing like here and the sand was really nice.
Across the bay you can see the rocks that make up Los Arcos I believe, and also lovers beach.
I was surprised Nicole even went for us renting the wave runners. She hasn't let me on one since 2001, when we were in Cayman. I sort of ran into the back of her and almost killed her. Seriously, it was pretty bad. So when she said we could do this I was really excited.
So we headed out into the bay, Cole with me, Savannah with mom. It was the ocean, so it wasn't too smooth and Savannah was a little nervous. She and Nikki lasted for maybe thirty minutes and then headed into shore. Cole and I came in to find mom and Savvy getting massages. Rough life for a six year old! Cole and I were able to see Lovers Beach, Los Arcos and also made a couple up close passes around the Disney Wonder.
Here we are getting ready to head back over to the harbor after our little excursions. If you ever make it to Cabo, head over to Playa Medano. That is where we picked up our wave runners and spent a few hours. It's a very nice beach and not as crowded as Lovers Beach.
Such a cute family. Sorry Creed, but you'll have plenty of adventures when you get older, I promise! You can see the tents where Nicole and Savvy got their massage.

Such a beautiful little girl. This picture was taken on the water taxi heading back to the harbor.

Mom and Cole at dinner. We left the kids in the kids club a few of the nights so Nikki and I could have a nice quiet dinner together. This was NOT one of those nights!

According to our assistant server named Linka, this mosaic of Aerial was completed in Italy and took two and a half years to complete.
After dinner, we went down to the room, threw on our swim suits and headed to the Goofy pool to relax and watch Tarzan on the huge "funnel vision" screen. It was a bit chilly but we ended up sitting in the hot tub so no worries. I think we all ended up enjoying a fourth and possibly a fifth meal at Pinochio's pizzeria. I still don't know how these cruises stay in business with as much food as people like me eat. Thank goodness for those who spend between $8.00 - $15.00 for their drinks. If it wasn't for them, the cruise industry may just collapse.

Nicole continually complained about her hair, but if you ask me, and as you can see in this picture, she looked amazing!
The kids playing on the deck. I don't know if you've noticed, but after the first day at sea, there really weren't too many people in the pools. Most people stood in line after line to get family pictures with different back drops or with different characters. We tried to limit that so we could just enjoy ourselves.

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