Thursday, February 17, 2011

Good bye disney............

Once we departed Cabo, the weather turned cold. On our final day prior to arriving back in L.A. it became really cold. We tried to go outside but for the most part we stayed indoors.

The kids loved the artwork around the ship. The other thing I really loved about the Disney Wonder was the layout of the ship. On the Disney Wonder, when you walk onto the ship, there is a small lobby that has a three floor ceiling. However, the halls go along the outside of the lobby so that you can access the front to the back without the ship being cut in half by the lobby, if that makes sense. The Carnival ship we went on last year had a huge lobby, or atrium I think it was called. It looked nice but by the second day I wished it wasn't there. The layout of the ship was such that if I wanted to get to the 6th floor aft for our dinner, and I was at the 12th floor midship, I would have to go down an elevator to the 3rd floor, walk to the aft of the ship, then take another elevator back up to the 6th floor because the huge atrium cuts the ship in half. Anyways, maybe it doesn't sound like a big deal, but I noticed it right away, and loved the ease of the layout of the Wonder. Even Cole and Savannah could make their way around the ship without our help. We could give them a key to the room and say go, and they would take off running, and by the time we got to the room,they were already in the room, shoes off, t.v. on, bathroom smelly!!
This picture of Ariel was Savannah's favorite. She thinks that I should paint her room just like it. Yeah, I can't even paint solid colors without it looking like a mess! Sorry Savvy!
On the final night before arriving in L.A. the characters all came out for photo opportunities with the families and kids. Captain Mickey was one of my favorites, along with Captain Hook. Cole must have been paying attention during one of the nightly shows, because when he saw Hook, he pointed at him and said, "Captain Hooks a Cod Fish!!!!" Hook looked at Cole and chased him down the hall. It was hillarious!

It's amazing how well the kids take pictures and how patient they are with the process when it's with someone they love like Snow White.
We had so much fun on our Disney Cruise and it was a dream come true, not only for Savannah and Cole, but for Nik and I as well. We are so blessed to be able to have fun vacations like this, and we are so thankful for Nana Donna, Papa John and Great Grandma Ellen for coming all the way down from Utah to stay with Creed. We truly are blessed!

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