Sunday, June 26, 2011

Camping at Refugio

spent the last day in Solvang. Good friends good food good fun!!!!

A little late posting this but still worth being posted. Savannah and her new friend. We went camping at Refugio State Beach and were lucky enough to stay in the group camp spot which was awesome!

Creed enjoying a ride on Katana's shoulders.

The weather was crazy. Extremely windy.

Mom and Creed enjoying the view looking out over the ocean.

Creed munching on fresh caught halibut-to die for!

Looks like the kids had a nice night doesn't it.

Our Savvy playing with her friends. The kids played so well together the entire time. That happens about once every month so it's kinda a big deal!

Creed cuddling with mama.

Even though it was freezing cold, the kids still loved playing in the sand and water.

This reminded me of those sunblock commercials where the dog is pulling down the little kids swimsuit. Just a different variation.

I'm not sure what Cole is doing in this picture. It looks kind of like he's trying to floss his teeth with a bow and ribbon or something.

Creed has become a little monkey. If he see's a table he feels like he has to be on top of it.

Savannah getting ready for a bike ride on her cruiser.

Daddy and Cole hangin out.

Cole didn't want to ride his bike, he opted for his scooter instead. We did get to go on a decent bike ride as a family along the bike path. On the way back we found a snake. I tried picking it up but their weren't any sticks for me to pin his head down.

All in all we had a great time even though the wind almost blew us into the ocean. I was just glad we had our tent trailer.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Cole graduated!

From preschool. To preschool. Lol. It was a big to do and we were super excited. :)