Monday, April 20, 2009

The life of a 2 year old.......

My name is Cole. But I don't pronounce it Cole, I say I'm Toll. I'm a pretty big guy and am in the 90% for height and 75% for weight.
I love spaghetti
I love the zoo. When I'm there I can't wait to see all the animals and my favorites are the monkeys.
I love cars, and crashing them into each other
I love Thomas and sleep with him every night. I also love playing with my train table and can keep myself entertained with it for hours. I know the names of all the trains and correct my mom when she calls Gordon Percy or vica versa.
I love my sister Savannah and would do anything to protect her. I also love poking Creed in the face and saying Tute baby!!
I love Liza my bff. We go to the park together everyday and if she can't go that day I whine the whole time "where's Liza" in my super deep voice
I love wrestling (mike made this picture, it looks super freaky huh!)

I am getting bigger everyday and learning so much. Some other things I love: the park, walks, reading, Dora, Caillou, popcorn, my cousins, my Nana and Papa, bossing around my dog Ruby (I am so used to being bossed by Savannah it feels good to be in charge for a change) and my telling my mom and dad that I love them.

Easter Sunday Best

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Creed is 2 months!!

raise your hand if you love dimpled babies!!

Not to brag but look at those cheeks!! My milk is starting to work its magic

My many nights on my knees praying (here's a sneak peek of most of my prayers at the beginning of the pregnancy-heavenly father, since I didn't want to get pregnant and I am, at least make it a girl. Heavenly father since I wanted a girl and didn't get one, at least make him good. no not good, make him an angel who sleeps 8 hours straight and nurses well, and takes good naps) Okay now I will say he really listened to the second prayer and of course knew our family was waiting for this little guy to come to us from heaven. He really is such an angel. It is rare to see him cry and even when he does, it is the quietest cry! There are many a mornings that he gets overlooked because his older brother and sister are so demanding and he will hang out in his crib crying softly for a few minutes, then stopping so I can feed, bathe, and referee fights between his naughty siblings. Oh these baby days, I love them SO much I can't stand it...........just looking at him and his little dimple makes me melt. I have not always been this baby hungry but there's something about Creed, you hold him and look at him and you just KNOW he has this sweet spirit. Hopefully he will be the peacemaker between savvy and cole!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Ward Easter Party

This is what Creed thought of the whole ordeal
Look at all those eggs! I am super happy to help her eat all that candy.............

There was a little bunny, the kids were going crazy. Cole kept saying cute, huh mom?

Preschool easter party!

Miss Cotty and Savannah's old preschool teacher (she was subbing for Miss Lori who was gone that day) Savannah's LOVES all the teachers at her school......
Creed's first easter party!

Savannah had an easter party and hunt at her school on the last day before spring break. Now she has a week off and misses her friends and teachers! But we have been keeping her busy with swim lessons that she has been taking with her friend Ruby and ballet/tap lessons that she is taking with her friend Emma. The swim lessons are super neat, I love watching her learn something and see the smile on her face when she realizes she's done it!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Easter egg pops

Savannah to Mason (as she is also picking him up-literally) "you have to marry me in the temple" Mason "is there water there?" Savannah "I think so" Mason "ok" I guess she wears the pants.

We had a playdate today to make cake pops and decided to make easter egg pops courtesy of, if you haven't seen her blog and enjoy baking you need to check it out, seriously she is amazing! So we made yellow, chocolate, and strawberry, they were all super yummy my favorite being chocolate dipped in chocolate. YUM! I know they look WAY better than bakerella's, what can I say, we have a lot of talent in our ward :)

AZ the place to be.........

The only place I've ever lived that you cannot leave a bottle of lotion in the car without the heat MELTING the plastic bottle away so the lotion gets all over! I seriously love AZ though and I especially enjoyed:
Cafe Rio
Swimming pools in every backyard
Making new recipes with Grandma, Alauna, Vanessa, and Jan AND being the only one eating all the delicious outcomes because I was the only one not fasting- one of the main joys of nursing :)
Vanessa's funny story about her dorky blind dates
Watching this funny clip on utube

Makuta's Island with Dad and Lisa
Paradise Bakery
Having all my kids babysat by Jan and going out to a movie for the first time since Creed was born..............super sweet visit huh!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Back to work

Look at me now, I can hold my head up. 7 weeks old
Savannah recovering after an intense week..............she made this bed for herself on the ground, curled up, and feel asleep.

We had such a busy week last week that this week has been relaxing for the past couple days. I started work again on Tuesday and I was super excited / nervous about leaving. If you don't know, I am an ultrasound technologist and take call at a local hospital a couple nights a week. When I got my first call on Tuesday I was surprisingly excited and raced to the hospital to do my thing. It surprised me and I realized that although I hate leaving my children (who were all asleep at the time) I love having something that is mine that gets me out of the house and gives me a sense of accomplishment (other than parenting since that feeling comes and goes all throughout raising children I'm sure!) Especially with a newborn I tend to live in this nursing fog. So I got 1 callback tuesday at 9, and that's it! 2 nights in a row. So don't feel too sorry for me going back to work so soon, I slept the whole time and got paid for it. Not too shabby. And we're off to AZ today to spend conference weekend with the fam.........super fun!