Sunday, April 24, 2011

Reading Loft

This is Cole's room with his built in closet and new paint job. I love the colors. They are Acapulco Sand and Waterfall blue. The new carpet is being installed tomorrow. The ladder should be in tomorrow or Tuesday. Completed by Wednesday let's hope.
Savannah's room colors are Potpourri green and raspberry mousse pink. I thought it would look nice for her to have one main focal wall with vertical stripes. Cole's room has two focal walls with horizontal stripes. Notice how everything is cleared away for the new carpet!
This window was the sliding glass door two days ago. I am so glad to have that door gone. I hated that my daughter had a glass door in her room. This way she can actually open the window and enjoy the cool breeze in the evenings.
I was just trying to get a picture showing the two side walls with the horizontal stripes.
This shows the reading loft with the closet and paint job.

The reading loft has recessed lighting with a three way switch so it can be controlled by Cole or Savannah. The lights are really nice 6" recessed LED lights so they won't be hot to the touch for the kids.
We completely tore out all the walls and ceilings in both rooms. There was no lighting so we installed four 4" canned lights. The 4" really look nice, and I thought I was saving money buying the smaller size, until I saw how much the casings cost.
Savannah's focal wall. Paying someone $2oo dollars to do the painting. SOOOOOO worth it!!!!
Savannah's new window. It's not too big. 48 X 36. The next size up without having to special order was a 60" which was too big I thought.

Anyways, we are really excited for this to be complete and I will add some more pictures once we get the ladders in and the rooms put back together.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Spring break fun....

Thanks to our friends John and Erika, we were able to stay at a really nice hotel/condo in Indio over Spring Break!

However, we didn't know it was Coachella Music Festival the same weekend. Darn Young Folk!!!
Savannah blowing bubbles off the balcony. The grounds at the hotel were beautiful.
Creed having a tantrum because he wanted to eat a sucker for dinner. Seriously, the kid does not eat anything!

Beautiful family!!! Just on our way back to the room for a nap before heading back out to the pool in the evening.
Cole and Creed playing in the kids pool. Notice how Cole had to wear a PFD and Creed did not. Hmm.
Savannah playing with her super squirter in the kids pool.
This picture doesn't do justice to how big and full the moon looked.
Finishing up swimming after a long long long day at the pool! The sun and heat kicked my behind!!
Dad and Savvy. I had just shaved my head (summer hairdo) so I was worried about frying my scalp. Luckily I was smart and kept the sunscreen slathered thick.

Creed spent hours just falling back into the water and rolling over and picking himself back up. He is so comfortable in the water this year. Bad news, he has no idea how to swim. The beach will be exciting this year.
My Big Moose! I am trying to get this nickname to stick for Cole. He is such a big guy. Funny thing about Cole, he talks with his hands more than anyone I know. It's funny. When he talks to Nik and I it probably looks like he's lecturing us with how much hand action is going on.

Back in the room munchin some string cheese.

Who needs a pool?

Monday, April 18, 2011

Our project!

Poor Sav had a super busy week last week. It was the last week before spring break. She had lots going on and on friday we went out with some friends and got a sitter. Our sitter's little sister is one of savvy's best friends so they played super late. When I got home she was asleep on the couch. I went to get Cole to bed (it was like 11 and cole was going strong) when I came back to get Savvy she was asleep sitting on the floor leaning against the couch. I asked what she was doing. She mumbled "i can't wake up" and fell back asleep. Too exhausted, lol.....
Updated pictures. You know how one thing always leads to another! Well our playroom/loft led to many others. First we discovered that there is no insulation in both kids walls. Might as well tear down the walls and fix it while we are working on a project anyway, right? And we don't have lights in any of our rooms (we have to use lamps) so lets fix that too. Recessed lighting in both kids rooms. Last, Savvy has a sliding glass door in her room which we don't particularly like. So we decided to change that to a window. will be super nice when it is all done.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

You've got a friend in me....

The Micralite Toro....

I got a smoking hot deal on this cute little yellow guy. He will be hanging out with Baby V #4 since I just can't get rid of him but don't really have use for him now. Yes I am a reformed hoarder. But isn't he cute?? And the rider too of course. Actually more like a sitter. He is reading himself his bedtime story. You can tell by his face his eyes are getting droopy....what do you think of the stroller? If anyone wants one for an unbelievable cheap price lmk.....