Saturday, April 9, 2011

AZ the place to be....

We have made a habit of heading to Arizona for Spring Conference. A chance to see some of Nik's family and to enjoy the warm / hot weather. The kids wanted to spend the entire weekend in the pool. Mom and Dad are far too lazy for that,but they did get to swim a couple times.
Above is a picture of why, even if we could afford a pool, we will never have a pool. Nicole is a nervous wreck with the kids in the pool. Creed didn't have any interest in getting in the pool, just touching the water falls, but that was just too dangerous to just sit back and allow him to do.
Holding his hands under the water falls and throwing soccer balls into the pool. Hours of fun for our little guy. He is so funny. The first day he was throwing small rocks into the pool, so the soccer balls were a good trade. Nick actually cut the bottom of his foot on one of Creeds thrown rocks. Sorry Nick.

Oh yea, after spending time cleaning out leaves and such from the pool, Creed thought he would join in by dropping the net back into the pool releasing all the mess we had just cleaned out of the pool. Thanks little buddy.
Nick was showing us some of his dunks. He is going to be the next Amare Stoudemire or STAT (standing tall and talented)????? as he is known. Seriously, who gives themselves a nickname like that? Pretty cheesy I think.

Cole doesn't swim yet so he just clung to the side the whole time. Maybe we can get him swimming this summer so he can be ready for whatever vacation we go on next year.
Here is Creed showing Nick what a real Dunk is! He is such a tiny little guy still. He doesn't eat very much no matter what it is we are eating, unless of course it's string cheese.

Savannah is our little fish, or mermaid or perhaps a mixture of the two. She could have lived in the pool without ever getting out. This is a picture of her posing behind one of the water falls.

So it was a short trip, we wish we could have stayed longer but we are happy we were able to go. We had a wonderful time with our family and enjoyed listening to the Prophets speak. Nicole and I enjoyed several Sonic Drinks and Nik got her Bahama Bucks shaved ice. We ate at Cafe Rio and had some really fun times. I played raquet ball with Nik's dad as usual, and as usual I enjoyed embarrasing myself at it. We played four games and I scored a total of four points. Steve said he plays three to four days a week, and he is very good. He has an amazing serve and his shot placement is spot on. But I still hate losing and for some reason feel like I should actually win. Why would I feel like this when I only play the game once or twice a year when we are in Arizona? Who knows. I'm still trying to adopt the idea of playing with people and not always against them. This doesn't just go for raquet ball either. Ask my dad or anyone else who has played golf with me. Now that is a fun time. Anyways, we had a blast and are greatful for our family who show us so much love and support!

We are hoping we will be able to make it to Utah the begining of May, to meet our newest member of the family, Stryder. He is a super cute guy and we can't wait to meet him.

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Nana Donna said...

We enjoyed your blog and are so glad that you got to spend some time with Niki's side of the family. They are wonderful people and I am so happy that they take good care of you kids when you are there. We hope you will be able to make it to Strider's blessing, but want you to please be careful as it would be a very quick and exhausting trip for your family. Love reading your blogs!