Saturday, January 22, 2011

Trip to Utah

As usual start from the bottom of the blog and read up......sorry I always forget to blog backwards
What an angel, look at his little face...............he slept the next day on the way home for 4 hours! I guess we wore him down.
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Creed was SO exhausted he fell asleep just sitting in my lap....

Creed loving his Uncle Brandt
the kids put on a lovely play. Part of which involved taking a deck of cards and throwing them into the air
Logan making his super scary face
Jan Birthdays. Except Creed he was attached to my hip that night for a bit. Shannon made the YUMMIEST red velevet cake. I LOVED the frosting...
Cute girls
That night the Strongs had a Jan. birthday party get together.
We had lunch at this yummy spot called BlueLemon we were actually pretty full from breakfast still but munched on some hummus and spinach dip. And had these amazing sugar cookies-they were only 75 cents! So cheap. Wonder if I can call and have them shipped here for partys or something. Such a pain to make and decorate sugar cookies.
I would be such a good city dweller with my bugaboo bee plus

After the beehive house we walked around the temple grounds
The curtains were really interesting. One of Brigham Young's daughters kept a really detailed journal and actually had an actual swap of the curtains. Her and her mom made them together.
This is Brigham Young's actual hat and walking stick! In his own bedroom.
We visited the beehive house for the first time.
We visited my cousin Cami. She lives in this amazing apartment right in downtown Salt lake. Way up high over the city.
The next day we had breakfast with Brandt and Soupie at Kneaders I swear if i lived in Utah I would weigh 300 pounds. My favorite breakfast ever, all you can eat french toast on yummy homeade cinnamon bread with homeade syrup-the best syrup ever. SO good...
An hour and a half later they were all still having a blast on the climbing course. We had to make them come down so we could go eat.

Had to finally stick Creed in the stroller. He was running like a wild banshee and wearing me out

Now thats what I call using all your facial muscles to smile. Way to go Ty!
Uncle Kel and Creed

And the older boys were playing crochet. Yes we play crochet. We are kinda fancy like that
Meanwhile the boys were checking out the golfers

Then its all good

Look at the expression on her face in the picture above! Looks scary

The highlight was the ropes course. Mike, Geoff, Savvy, and Drew LOVED it. It was super fun to watch them too.

There was a bowling alley, golf simulator, playground thing for kids to climb on.

There was a carousel. What kids doesn't love that....
We just happened to be in Provo on the day of the Grand Opening of the Provo Beach resort. Ok I know we have a lot of things to do in California, but this made me a little jealous. SO MUCH FUN! My kids had a blast.

We enjoyed eating them too!Jenna the little home maker! She got a lot of new cupcake things for Christmas. We made some cupcakes for my birthday, the book she had was SO cute!
The next day we went down to Provo and spent some time at Jenna and Kellan's new apartment. It was really cute and the kids loved lounging on their new couch. It made us laugh because when Mike and I first got married we went out and bought new couches. When we got them to our little apartment (we lived in the married housing dorms at Byu-idaho) they wouldn't fit in our living room. OOPS. So the furniture store graciously offered to store them for us until we moved to a bigger place. We still have them. In fact I am sitting on one now. So I think its a good idea to invest some money in nice couches when you first get married. Otherwise you might be stuck with nasty hand me downs for 9 years because the last thing you want to spend money on is a new couch when you have a million other things you want / need !

We made an unexpected trip to Utah last week. Mike's grandpa passed away and we were lucky enough to be able to go up for his funeral. We don't have any pictures from the funeral. Mike didn't want me to take any because he doesn't like funeral pictures. I kind of agree. Want to be able to remember all the good times, not think about when he died. It was a really nice funeral, all the talks were so great and really nice to have time to reflect on Grandpa Bill and what an amazing person he was. Here is a post to Shannon's blog, she posted a really nice post about it.

Thursday, January 20, 2011