Sunday, January 16, 2011

New Years eve weekend.....

The city behind us. Notice my white boots, not exactly hiking boots but this was an impromtu trip.

Bribery works-cookies for the top

at the top the trail is blocked off so you can't really hike all the way up to it. I was kinda bummed but Savvy and Cole found these little clumps of grass they pretended were nests and it appeased them.

We made Jenna and Kellan push the stroller for most of the hike. Practice for the future

Kellan surprised Jenna with a surprise New year's visit for their anniversary! We were so happy to have them for the weekend. We started off on the right foot when we met up with dave, alli, and laura at this delish breakfast spot in Cypress. They had some deep friend french toast with this cream cheesy frosting, reminiscent of funnel cake but thicker. Oh my gosh I can't believe I have been living without it for so long. After we carbo loaded we decided to go on a little hike to see the hollywood sign.

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