Monday, January 3, 2011

Do 6 year olds journal?

Cleaning out under Savannahs bed today and found this. love how the b is in brown. like it was kinda an afterthought. Like is mom more rat or brat? Both probably but brat fits best in this circumstance. I confronted her about it when she got home and she said "mom I am so sorry but when I wrote it I was so mad! Let's just throw it away I did not mean it.". Sounds like me when I was 10. But they say kids grow up faster nowadays.............yikes!!

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Claudia Ayotte said...

LOL this is too funny! I'm sure when you found it it wasn't funny one bit but how cool is it that you can rub this in her face when she's a mom and calls you to complain about her kids. This is awesome you will laugh about this OVER and OVER again! My mom LOVES to bring up all my fits growing up, we have great laughs about it. :0)