Wednesday, January 25, 2012

My new camera!!!

We ended the trip with a stop at Whodelicious which was I fairly impressed with- one in particular was like a cinnamon cake with a brown sugar frosting, YUM. If you are in the neighborhood check them out.


Creed SO wanted to climb in. The little giraffe kept coming up to the kids

Our little goofball...

Creed made a beeline right away for the snake and insect house. He LOVES it in there

In the afternoon we took a family trip to the zoo......lately I have a thing for bright colored jeans lately....

Random close ups. Can you see my pores?

I have been wanting the Canon S95 for over a year but it dropped to 220 a few days before Christmas and after a couple persuasive emails to Mike that he ignored, I bought it for myself. For him to give to me. DUH. Skip the middle man, hello....these pictures were all just taken in the manual setting but I heard its one of the best smallest cameras. We love our SLR but really don't like to take it with us everywhere. I like to have a smaller one for my bag and stroller.

For Christmas Mike gave me THIS

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Christmas 2011..........

Pictures of our Christmas in Utah.
We were able to spend a couple days with Geoff and Rebecca and the boys. They are so much fun!!!
Nicole was going crazy over baby Rex.

Rex has the cutest smile.
The boys got the coolest laser tag set for Christmas. We had lots of fun playing laser tag together with the kids.
This picture was taken from the South end of the Salt Lake Valley, looking North towards Salt Lake,I don't know why my son isn't wearing a jacket. I guess he's tough like his dad.

Nicole kept trying to get a good picture of all the kids. Cole literally began crying because the sun was so bright and he couldn't open his eyes for the pictures.
It seemed weird that their was no snow on the mountains. These pictures are taken from the Paragliding take-off point on the North side of the Mountain.

Savannah loves all of her dolls.
This is the Baby Alive Doll. The only thing Savannah really wanted for Christmas this year.

Cole got lots of Cars toys, animals and Squinkies. Best idea ever for the manufacturer. They are like the size of my pinkie nail so they get lost instantly and therefore parents are sent out to buy some more.
Savannah got a lot of squinkies too.
Cole loves this Darth mask. it's got a button you can push and it says some Darth one liners.
Cousins Collin and Dresden. Collin is a huge Denver fan.
Aunts Shannon and Natalie. Great Sisters, better Aunts.
Logan. Such a happy little kid. We are excited to take him with us on our secret vacation in a couple weeks. Our kids don't know about it yet so I can't say anything more than I just did.
Nana Donna and Papa John in front of their beautiful Christmas Tree. They will also be joining us on our secret vacation.
Baby Stryder. He is one happy and cute little boy. Not really little anymore, he's actually a big guy now. I'm not sure if it's Strider or Stryder. I like the name either way.
Strider drooling over the Santa Cookie from Kneaders. Nicole's favorite restaurant in Utah. The cookies, I was told, were not as good as most things at Kneaders.
Nicole and her super hot pajama model husband. I think Soupie and Grandma Ellen got a little weirded out over my pajamas equipped with a sweet moose caboose.
See!!! Tell me those are not the coolest pajamas ever!
All the grand kids after opening and putting on their pajamas from Nana and Papa.
Savannah lives for the times she gets to spend with her cousin Sydney.
Uncle Larry, Cousin Carlee and Cole celebrating their December Birthdays!
Beautiful Sydney.
Cole's best friend Tayler. She is such a beautiful little girl.
Strider and Grady. They are such good looking little boys.
Carlee and Cole.

We finally gave up on waiting for snow to fall. Instead we drove up the canyon to the snow just to let the kids throw some snow balls and to get some pictures.
Cole and Tayler making crafts at Nana's house.

We went to a jump house place down by Provo with the Nielsens. The kids had a great time.

Savannah and Drew working on a ginger bread house. One of my least favorite things to do at Christmas time! But the kids love it.

Savannah and Cole playing at the sledding hill up at Soldier Hollow.

We got to go to a trampoline gym that was a total blast. I was the only fun adult to actually get out their and play with the kids. The best part was that Savannah taught herself how to do a back flip on the trampoline. She was amazing to watch! Creed just loved being thrown into the foam pits.

Sorry, pictures obviously not in any kind of order. Clarke working with his dad on their ginger bread house.