Wednesday, January 25, 2012

My new camera!!!

We ended the trip with a stop at Whodelicious which was I fairly impressed with- one in particular was like a cinnamon cake with a brown sugar frosting, YUM. If you are in the neighborhood check them out.


Creed SO wanted to climb in. The little giraffe kept coming up to the kids

Our little goofball...

Creed made a beeline right away for the snake and insect house. He LOVES it in there

In the afternoon we took a family trip to the zoo......lately I have a thing for bright colored jeans lately....

Random close ups. Can you see my pores?

I have been wanting the Canon S95 for over a year but it dropped to 220 a few days before Christmas and after a couple persuasive emails to Mike that he ignored, I bought it for myself. For him to give to me. DUH. Skip the middle man, hello....these pictures were all just taken in the manual setting but I heard its one of the best smallest cameras. We love our SLR but really don't like to take it with us everywhere. I like to have a smaller one for my bag and stroller.

For Christmas Mike gave me THIS

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