Sunday, March 29, 2009

Creed's big day.........6.5 weeks

poor guy is worn out from so much adoration :)
The beautiful quilt nana donna made Creed
tiny guy!
Grandpa Steve with his newest grandchildren

Strong Cousins.........
Brassfield cousins!! This was the best shot we could get........
Cousins! All 3rd children, all super good babies! So those of you considering a 3rd these little guys just might sway you in the direction of more........
Pictures cannot express how absolutely tiny and adorable he is. Oh babies are so cute!

This is going to be a picture blog since Mike already wrote about the blessing. It was such a wonderful blessing and amazing day that we had to spend time with our whole family! I am going to repeat what Mike already said and thank everyone who came from near and far to come support Creed.

Day 1

We got to stay at the Grimmers after a long day at Disneyland. Savannah LOVES baby Audree and really enjoyed spending some time with her in the morning. She was the happiest baby that morning and kept squealing with delight at Savannah's attention!
Surprise visit from Alladin and Jasmine!
A little sibling love
Cole finally crashed after a super hard fall. I kept checking him for consciousness, I was afraid he would go into a coma. Boys scare me with their injuries....

Clarke, Cole and Uncle Geoff. Cole likes to grab people's faces really hard. It is his version of fighting, which Mike loves doing with him.
Nana and Papa admiring their new grandson
Our adorable nephew Logan
Nana and Papa with the grandkids
Getting the kids to pose Cole is SUCH an anti picture guy, we can rarely get a pic of his face
Tom Sawyer's island. I can't believe we have never been here! At Dresden's insistence we took the little boat over to the island and the kids absolutely loved it. I think we will make this a regular visit, especially for the busy days.

Savannah with her papa. We were lucky enough to go to Disney Land two days in a row, Thursday and Friday. Spring Break was in full swing and it was crazy busy. It took 30 minutes to get into the parking structure. Not a good sign. But once inside, as busy as it was, the lines still moved along and we made it on several rides. We spent the first day with Geoff, Rebecca and sons. We enjoyed being with them and Savannah and Cole love being with them. The following morning we woke up and did it all again. This time we met my sister and brother in law with there kids Logan and Dresden, along with my parents. We were introduced to Tom Sawyers Island. I've canoed around it, taken a River boat around it, but never stepped foot on the island until this trip. It was great. It had huge tunnel systems that had numerous routes you could take. Savannah and Cole could have played in them for hours I think. There was also a great big tree house that looks over the whole island once your up at the top. Then there were these crazy bridges that have wooden barrels floating under the suspension bridge, so when you walk across it, they sink down into the water and make it really hard to walk. Watching Cole try to cross the bridge on his own was pretty funny.
Then today, Sunday the 29th of March, I had the privilege of blessing little Creed in church. We had so many members of our family here to support the little guy. We loved it! We enjoyed everyones company here at our home and are so thankful that they were all able to come. We know we are so blessed to have so many people who love us and our kids. But now it is 7:25pm, the crowds are gone and life is back to normal. Thank you all for your love and support. We love you and will miss you until we see you again.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Scrap Scrapbooking!

Nicole was told by one of her friends about a site that takes your years worth of blogs and turns them into a book. Instantly turning your family blog into a Scrapbook/Journal all in one. So Nicole took on the project, and two hours later, she was done. We decided however, that if we are going to make this an every year thing, that we need to write more in our blog. So here I am.

Last night I was pulled from my deep sleep in which I was dreaming about camping with my family in Yellowstone. I heard what sounded like a lone wolf perched high up on a rock ledge, howling at the moon. I was so happy in my dream, my happy place! But as the wolf continued howling, I slowly came back to consciousness and realized that I was not lying in my sleeping bag with the cold air nipping at my nose, surrounded by pine trees and wildflowers. Instead, I was laying in bed, sweaty due to our thermostat not functioning properly and turning on whenever it feels like it. The howl still sounded like a howl however. I sat up, noticed Nicole was not in bed, propably feeding the baby in the front room, and continued listening to the noise. After a few moments of listening to the noise, I realized it was my beautiful daughter Savannah. Not screaming, not yelling for mom or dad, just making a howling noise. I got up from bed as fast as I could, and tip-toed down the hall to her bedroom. As I opened her door, I could see her sitting up in bed. She looked at me and said, "Daddy, I want some water". Not too much to ask, except that when I put Savannah to bed EVERY NIGHT I always give her a sippie cup of water. Hers, of course, was completely full. I told her to go back to bed, reminded her of the water that was literally at her fingertips, and then lumbered back to bed, just grateful that Cole didn't wake up. That was at 4:00 a.m. I got back in bed and tried so desperatlely to get back to my dream of camping in Yelllowstone, but was just becoming frustrated. Then I heard Nicole walk down the hall and open Cole's bedroom door. Apparantlely Savannah did wake Cole up after all. YEA!!! This was at 4:30 a.m. So I gave up and decided to just get up and go to work. It is now 4:40 p.m. and it has been a long day. My first day working inside at my division and not much sleep to prepare for it. I love my kids and just try and remember the talk from President Monson about how we need to appreciate the little moments in life. He said that all these things kids do, will be gone before we know it and we will be left wishing they would happen again.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Lucky girls

Getting your face painted like a kitty- 17 dollars
Spending the day at Disneyland to celebrate Amelia's 4th birthday- Priceless!

Happy birthday Millie! We love you!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

My boys!!

We took Cole to build a bear workshop and let him pick out an animal. He picked this dog and likes to take it on walks.

Discovering my hand!
Little angel taking a nap on the couch
Taking a bath alone, a first for him. I always throw the kids in together to save time! Although it usually ends up in disaster with the whole floor being a huge puddle.

Savannah is having a 2 day slumber party with Amelia so we have been spending some time with our boys! What a difference boys are than girls!! Savannah is so high maintenence compared to Cole. It was such a chill day yesterday. We were able to get so much done and I'm sure Savannah was just loving life with her best bud Millie.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Family Fun.......

My sleeping boys!!

Autotopia, our kids love this ride. Savannah always thinks she has won even though everyone is behind each other
For some reason Cole hated Mickey this time! It was really wierd....
Such a perfect picture of Disneyland, a sea of strollers...

The new and improved Small World. There are lots of new characters inside. We found Alice, Mulan, Ariel, the 3 caballeros, Alladin and Jasmine, Cinderella and I can't remember who else, but it was fun for Savannah to try and find them.Creed is such an angel! The other night he slept from 8:30 - 4:30! I woke up panicked at 2:30 of course and watched him sleep for awhile. So funny. I remember one day waking up after Cole slept 8 hours straight, it seriously wasn't until he was 12 months!! And Cole wouldn't even sleep 10 minutes in a crib, he was in his swing every night, way past the weight limit! I just lay Creed down and he nods off. I feel very blessed!!

So we went to Orange County this week to hang with Allie, Dave, Jason, Erin, and see Grandma and it was such a bummer to see her house all empty. So many memories there, I can't believe it but when we drove away I was crying. I know it's just a house but it's so hard to let go! Hopefully our children and grandchildren will feel the same about our home.
So on another subject, how crazy it it when you have a newborn!! I forgot this feeling, but it feels like I am trying to go in fast motion on everything. Put the kids down for a nap run into the kitchen, put some toys in the toy room. Decide to do a load of laundry but realize I left the load in there from 2 days ago so restart that one. Start folding clothes then see some more toys that belong in the toy room so I put them away. Start arranging the games in the cabinet because they look messy. Start dreaming about nothing bundt cakes and realize I haven't eaten. Pour myself a huge bowl of Lucky Charms and shovel into my mouth. I mean seriously, I find myself lately eating crazy fast and twice as much as a result. Do I think if I missed a meal I would waste away? Check the computer for Nothing Bundt Cakes recipes...........start folding the clothes, after folding 3 shirts the baby is awake and ready for an hour long nursing session. Did I actually acomplish anything during his nap except finding a recipe for cake?? And did I brush my teeth this morning either???

Friday, March 6, 2009

Zoo Day

This is a zoo flashback. 2 years ago Carinn and I took the kids when Cole was 1 month old and Carinn was 36 week pregnant. Here is Cole at 1 month, I will post a pic tomorrow of Creed so you can see if they look alike (Cole was way chubbier)
Amelia and Savannah, what difference 2 years makes! Savannah was 2 and Amelia was almost 2. So cute

First trip out without Mike, it went relatively well I guess, Allie and Laura met us there so I can thank them for making sure my kids didn't go too wild! Creed ate for like an hour and a half so it took us a little longer to get through but it was still fun. I love taking the kids on outings, it's fun for them and helps the day go by faster. One of the worst parts is that my BOB duallie doesn't fit in our minivan now that the 3rd row is up. :( It is such a bummer because I absolutely love that stroller. I will still use it all the time for walking but I need to find a smaller double one for the car. Any suggestions??Addison, Cole and Savannah hanging by the kangeroos..
Aunt Allie with her california nieces and nephew (except Creed who was in the pouch)
Aunt Allie! How weird is this, Savannah and Addison are second cousins and they share an aunt. David married my cousin Laura's husband's sister so we're keeping it all in the family.