Sunday, March 1, 2009

4th folder, 4th picture

Shannon tagged us with the assignment to post the fourth folder and fourth picture. This is a picture of Savannah, Steven Grimmer, and Samantha Grimmer. Obviously, Savannah was not feeling so good ,not due to her broken arm however, simply because sometimes 4 year old girls get sad for silly reasons. Sorry for the delay with posting your Tag Shanny, but here you go.

Now I Tag Jolisa, since her husband crashed our Tag, Emily and Ryan.


Nana Donna said...

How did this tagging get started? I hope I do it right. Soupie tagged me so I'm going to attempt it tomorrow because it is 11:40 here and I'm going to bed! Love you guys!

Shannon said...

Yeah, thanks for playing along. It's always fun to see what other of picture we take that we never post.