Friday, March 6, 2009

Zoo Day

This is a zoo flashback. 2 years ago Carinn and I took the kids when Cole was 1 month old and Carinn was 36 week pregnant. Here is Cole at 1 month, I will post a pic tomorrow of Creed so you can see if they look alike (Cole was way chubbier)
Amelia and Savannah, what difference 2 years makes! Savannah was 2 and Amelia was almost 2. So cute

First trip out without Mike, it went relatively well I guess, Allie and Laura met us there so I can thank them for making sure my kids didn't go too wild! Creed ate for like an hour and a half so it took us a little longer to get through but it was still fun. I love taking the kids on outings, it's fun for them and helps the day go by faster. One of the worst parts is that my BOB duallie doesn't fit in our minivan now that the 3rd row is up. :( It is such a bummer because I absolutely love that stroller. I will still use it all the time for walking but I need to find a smaller double one for the car. Any suggestions??Addison, Cole and Savannah hanging by the kangeroos..
Aunt Allie with her california nieces and nephew (except Creed who was in the pouch)
Aunt Allie! How weird is this, Savannah and Addison are second cousins and they share an aunt. David married my cousin Laura's husband's sister so we're keeping it all in the family.


Jenks Family said...

If you and Mike want to know more about Mmoguls I have alot more info. It sounds like a great way to make some extra money. And we could all use more of that with 3 kids. :)

Grimmers said...

What a trooper you are!! You impress me!!