Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Scrap Scrapbooking!

Nicole was told by one of her friends about a site that takes your years worth of blogs and turns them into a book. Instantly turning your family blog into a Scrapbook/Journal all in one. So Nicole took on the project, and two hours later, she was done. We decided however, that if we are going to make this an every year thing, that we need to write more in our blog. So here I am.

Last night I was pulled from my deep sleep in which I was dreaming about camping with my family in Yellowstone. I heard what sounded like a lone wolf perched high up on a rock ledge, howling at the moon. I was so happy in my dream, my happy place! But as the wolf continued howling, I slowly came back to consciousness and realized that I was not lying in my sleeping bag with the cold air nipping at my nose, surrounded by pine trees and wildflowers. Instead, I was laying in bed, sweaty due to our thermostat not functioning properly and turning on whenever it feels like it. The howl still sounded like a howl however. I sat up, noticed Nicole was not in bed, propably feeding the baby in the front room, and continued listening to the noise. After a few moments of listening to the noise, I realized it was my beautiful daughter Savannah. Not screaming, not yelling for mom or dad, just making a howling noise. I got up from bed as fast as I could, and tip-toed down the hall to her bedroom. As I opened her door, I could see her sitting up in bed. She looked at me and said, "Daddy, I want some water". Not too much to ask, except that when I put Savannah to bed EVERY NIGHT I always give her a sippie cup of water. Hers, of course, was completely full. I told her to go back to bed, reminded her of the water that was literally at her fingertips, and then lumbered back to bed, just grateful that Cole didn't wake up. That was at 4:00 a.m. I got back in bed and tried so desperatlely to get back to my dream of camping in Yelllowstone, but was just becoming frustrated. Then I heard Nicole walk down the hall and open Cole's bedroom door. Apparantlely Savannah did wake Cole up after all. YEA!!! This was at 4:30 a.m. So I gave up and decided to just get up and go to work. It is now 4:40 p.m. and it has been a long day. My first day working inside at my division and not much sleep to prepare for it. I love my kids and just try and remember the talk from President Monson about how we need to appreciate the little moments in life. He said that all these things kids do, will be gone before we know it and we will be left wishing they would happen again.


Grimmers said...

what's the website? Love the story- it's nice to hear we all go through the same things with having kids.

The Strong Family said...

blurb.com it was so neat to go through the year, i can't wait to get it. It was the best seeing how Cole looked like a baby and how he grew up SO much in one year!

Dayna said...

I am so glad that you did your book! I did one last year and now am working on 2008. It is so much better then scapbooking on paper in my opinion. What size book did you do? We did the biggest one they make and I liked it a lot but wondered what others thought of smaller sizes. I am also working on a mission book for steve with all his mission pics and stories about the people. And a book of when we were dating and our wedding. I think i am bordering on obsessed with making books. Good luck on your next book!

Dayna said...

I love the big book. You should try it on your next one. The book comes really fast. I got it in 7 days.

Nana Donna said...

So this would be a combination of my scrapbooking and bloging I guess?

Fun story, brings back memories.....good and bad!

See you tomorrow!

Shannon said...

Pres. Monson is right, all too soon these things that are so hard to deal with now soon are gone and you do miss them. I struggled with Dresden when it was bed time and now he will take himself to bed when he gets tired.

See you tomorrow!