Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Disney day 2-formal night

 day 2 was busy!  In the morning I convinced Bridget to meet me at an 8:00 spinning class.  We all slept in of course and she went alone (but missed the last bike by one so I think she forgave me) we ate breakfast then dropped the kids off so Mike and I could work out.  Then picked them up and swam for a few hours until lunch time.  Grabbed some lunch, swam some more (the weather was gorgeous) went to a musical, went to a family comedian show.  After the show we were pretty hungry and our dinner isn't until 8:15 so we stopped by the food spots by the pool for a little before dinner snack.  Loved having french fries, chicken fingers, fruit, pizza, and mickey pretzels (to name a few) whenever we wanted!

 Formal night

 Riley feel asleep she was SO wiped out.  Savannah and Kennedy were poking her but she still wouldn't budge.

 Family dance time

Bridget and Scott and Mike & I were both in the ballpark of of 10 year anniversaries :)  If we have lasted 10 years with these two we can do anything, lol!!  Umm I mean 10 years of wedded bliss can't wait for a lifetime more of course!!!

Friday, February 17, 2012

First Day..Cruising with Disney 2012

Our Disney cruise last year was one of our favorite trips we have been on. It was a year ago, Cole was 4 and Savvy was 6 at the time (perfect disney age) and they have been talking about it ever since. Cole even adds in his prayers sometimes that we will be able to go on another Disney cruise and that heavenly father will bless the cruise ship. So when we found out they were doing another Kids Sail Free Promotion we JUMPED at the opportunity to sail again. We had planned on taking Creed but since he's not potty trained yet we asked Shannon if we could swap kids for a week and take Logan and she could stay home with Creed. She graciously said yes so we were able to have a relaxing week with older kids......Our friends the Batemans, their parents, Mike's parents, and our other nephew Dresden also came. We all had a blast. We surprised Savannah and Cole. They had no clue until we drove into the harbor. They were both freaking out!!

Donna and John with the grandkids

Strong Family

The sunset the first night

The weather the first day was perfect. We let the kids go swimming before we even left the harbor.

Super Bowel Sunday! It was playing everywhere you turned...Savannah knows all the statistics about football this year (her teacher's husband is a coach and they talk about it all the time) She told me the other thing that would make her happy to miss the game was going on a disney cruise. It made me laugh since she NEVER watches football!

Welcome aboard party!

Kids were jumping up and down singing, dancing, and going crazy. Or wait I was too. NO cleaning, cooking, driving, or work for a week! WOO HOO!!

At every party they handed out streamers or confetti or some random party favor and all our kids insisted upon keeping every little trinket. on the last day I threw them all out it was a huge bag of "SPECIAL" treasures. Such a mean mom

Since there were 5 in our party we had to get a family stateroom. It had 1 1/2 bathrooms, a queen bed, a coach that pulled out into a full and 2 twin beds that came down from the wall/ceiling. Pretty big for a cruise. Also a super cool private verandah that was really nice to sit and relax and enjoy the ocean breeze..and beautiful sunsets every night.

2 hours after boarding- Savvy didn't waste any time throwing on her swimsuit

We were on Deck 8 so really close to the pool deck and sports deck (9 and 10

Ran into Ariel walking around the ship

boarding time!