Sunday, February 10, 2008

Coley's 1!!

A little late to post, but Cole had his birthday last month and here are the pictures. It seems like he's older since he's been walking so long (running actually). His favorite words? Juice and dog. No mama........:(

Friday, February 8, 2008

I'm 26!

For my birthday Carinn made one of her famous funfetti cakes-believe me it was delicious despite what it looked like- it rivaled Grandpa's volcano cake from last year!! We missed Grandpa this year but I'm sure they have funfetti in heaven. Can you believe how much my little babies have grown in one short year! Look at Coley at my birthday last year! And Savannah's hair has finally grown in nice and thick! What a difference a year makes!! :)

Finally a blogger!!!!!!!

Or I will try anyway. I have been way too scared to even try to start a family blog but after talking with my friend the other night I will give it a try (thanks Melissa I'm taking hints from your cheat sheet) We are having a great year so far, Savannah is almost 3 1/2 and in Montessori Preschool 2 x a week, she loves it sometimes and hates it sometimes. I can already tell the kind of teenager she will be and it isn't anywhere near low-maintenence! She is getting so big and she cracks us up everyday with her funny comments. Cole is as sweet as ever, he is a gluten for punishment with his many beatings and rude comments from him big sister, and he never takes that smile off his face!! So sweet...........