Saturday, August 13, 2011

St. Albert, Alberta, Canada

My last area was in a suburb just outside Edmonton called St. Albert. This is downtown. I loved St. Albert so much. We drove by the apartments I lived in and drove out to the softball fields and grain elevators. The city is so beautiful and green and the sturgeon river flows right through the heart of the city. It actually reminds me of where we live because it has a continuous ring of natural land surrounding it.

I remembered this church from when I served here and always loved the name. Nicole didn't think it seemed as funny as I did.

Grain elevators like these are scattered all across the country side in Alberta. These two are on the outskirts of St. Albert and just down the road from the softball fields. The last person I was able to teach, and who was baptized, gave me a painting of the softball fields and these grain elevators.

Creed wasn't too happy with Savannah and Cole holding his hands for this picture.

This photo was taken by Savannah. She loves taking pictures with any camera, whether it be on an ipad, phone or camera. She is still working on holding the camera straight.

Nicole said that maybe we can move to Canada. She really loved how green, clean, and alive everything was. No, we won't be moving to Canada, but we really did enjoy ourselves while we were there.

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Nana Donna said...

I am so glad that Nicole and the kids got to see where you served your mission. It is beautiful there!