Thursday, August 11, 2011

Canada Vacation Calgary Part 2

Okay, so we are true tourists. We had two camera's and therefore you are stuck with lots and lots of pictures. These are pictures of us in Calgary. These posts are all going to be mixed up so I'm going to stop trying to do it in chronological order and just talk about what is seen in the pictures. Enjoy! Just arriving in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Just look how clean the sidewalks are in Calgary. This is right downtown near the Calgary Tower. Crazy how clean the cities were.

It's hard to tell what this is, but it's Creed standing on a glass outcropping high above Calgary at the top of Calgary Tower. He loved looking down at the small taxi cabs cruising by picking up their soggy passengers.

This is a picture of me. You are seeing West towards the Kananaskis Mountains and Banff National Park. It was extremely rainy and cloudy so you can't see the mountains, but on clear days the mountains look like they are right next to the city.

Mom and Creed looking out over Calgary. Creed loved being up so high above the city!

Cole and Creed hanging out like best buds. I love what great travelers our kids are. We love taking them places. If only we could go to more places more often!

This picture is of the Calgary Zoo from the Calgary Tower. You can see the Rain Forest exhibit and the bridges leading to the Zoo.

Cole wasn't quite so confident standing on the glass ledge.

We were walking around downtown and we came across the Fairmont Calgary. We wandered inside and took some pictures. This is Nikki and Savvy in the lobby.

This is the footbridge leading to Princess Island Park. We let the kids chase the squirrels and play at the playgrounds.

Everything was so green and alive. Savvy wanted to run ahead and just play. I loved this bridge in the background.

HA!!! See! Black Squirrel!!! I wanted to steal some and bring them back here.

The kids were so excited to see this little family of ducks. They were just sitting in a little puddle that had formed under a tree in the middle of the park.

I don't remember seeing any parks in Los Angeles that look like this one.

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