Sunday, August 23, 2009

Happy birthday 5 year old!

Our beautiful Savannah is five years old! Wow! I can't believe how fast the time has flown. Five years ago, we were living in a small house in Pomona, California with just our one child and our little dog Sammy. Savannah was such a good baby and has only become more of a joy to us with each passing year. She has become the best big sister to her little brothers, who both love her so much. Cole will copy Savannah with everything she does. Cute at times, silly at others and obnoxious once in a while.

For Savvy's fifth birthday, things started off a couple weeks ago up in Utah. Nanna Donna and Papa John, along with Savannah's aunts and uncles threw her a birthday party at Flat Iron Mesa Park in Sandy. She was lucky enough to have several of her cousins their to wish her a happy fifth. Once we returned home the celebration continued for our big girl. We took Savannah to Disney Land on Monday and had a blast. Just like last year, we took her to Ariel's Grotto for lunch. It's amazing to me to see all the little girls in that place in absolute ah of all the princesses. We were lucky enough to be able to meet up with several of our friends while at D-Land throughout the day as well. Then on Saturday, we had another party for Savannah, becuase two just isn't enough for a five year old. So we had the party at the Thousand Oaks Kids Adventure Garden. We had it reserved and so the place was all ours. It was nice not to have to stress having friends over to our house. The garden was pretty cool as well. They had several little paths for the kids to go exploring on and lots of water features to dip their fingers and hands into. There was a tree house built on top of an old tree, a pirate cave, a small little table set up with a tea set for the girls and lots of other things. Savannah was especially excited about the pinata that Nicole bought for the party. It was a butterfly to go along with the theme of Bugs. Savannah still can't pronounce pinata and has to call it her bee-ah-ta. Not too bad I guess. Nicole somehow got two of her friends to make the cakes, yes cakes for the party to. Jen made a cute lady bug cake and Sara made a great butterfly cake. Too nice of them to put so much hard work into our party, but we definately appreciate it. It was a fun day for us all and we are so proud of our little bug. Congratulations to Savvanah Lori Strong on turning five years old!!!!

We are also excited and nervous for her starting Kindergarten this Thursday. It is a new phase in her life as well as in ours. This is going to be a fun time in all of our lives. Savannah, we love you so much and are so greatful we have the blessing of being your parents.

Love ya Savvy!

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dietcokegrrl said...

5 already??? Wow--time sure does fly...


The Strong Family said...

i know when i first started working with you at that clinic she was just 8 months! I remember going in that little closet to pump and thinking how much older Sammie was. too crazy.

Ryan said...

happy birthday!

Everts said...

What a big girl!! Happy Birthday Vannie! And Nicole, no, we don't have passes to Disneyland. We just went and probably won't be going back for quite some time. :/

Nana Donna said...

What a lucky little girl having 3 Birthday parties. You are such a beautiful young lady. I love the old pictures your mom and dad put on this blog. I can't believe how time flies! Love you so much!

stephanie said...

crazy!! i can't believe she is 5! they change so much every year. she looks so old and of course adorable!

Stephen, Nadia, Mia y Ella said...

Happy birthday!