Thursday, August 20, 2009

Ariel's Grotto the 2nd

Savannah on her 2nd birthday below and 5th birthday above. Same outfit!

We were happy to finally meet up with the Nelsons and catch up! It has been too long. Last time we got together there was 4 kids between us now there are 6! Let's not wait until 8 to meet up again!

We decided with the Grimmers we will have a monthly D-land trip since it was such a success. Jolisa suggested weekly and Mike and I laughed. She has too much energy! If anyone wants to join us we'd love to meet up! All the kids were great the whole day and asleep by the fireworks so it was 5 stars in my opinion
Mike liked this picture he said it shows the essence of disneyland like a whirlwind
Samantha with her baby blues
Mike and Steven goofing off

Tatum and Savannah

This is one happy baby!
Cinderella. Savannah couldn't even speak when she was here. she just kept touching her dress and hugging her. Cole was SO over it by then
Creed kept watching mike eat the food. he was pretty jealous
Cole was mad we Savannah wanted him to put on the crown
We propped this bottle on the table and Creed was going to town! It the most he has ever drank out of a bottle - 3 ounces! He hates bottles usually
The princesses have a little show to teach the little girls how to act like royalty. Here they are learning to curtsy
We ate outside which was actually super nice. There was only 2 tables out there so we got a little more time with the princesses. Savannah was pretty much in awe just like last time. Its funny how the Disney Princesses are celebrities for little girls
Savannah even got a phone call from Ariel the day before inviting her to have lunch with her (she called from Sara's #-wierd) She was ecstatic and couldn't stop talking about how Ariel wanted her to have lunch. It was cute
We went to Disneyland this year to celebrate Savannah's up and coming birthday like usual. Of course her #1 request was Ariel's Grotto which we also did last year (for pictures go here what a difference a year makes!!) In the morning she got up and had her outfit all layed out and ready to go. She picked out overalls that I had made for her for her 2nd birthday and her minnie hat. I didn't think they would still fit, but with a little adjusting they were perfect. I will post a picture we took of her in them on her 2nd birthday to compare. too funny now they are shorts. Anyway we got to meet up with the Grimmers and the Nelsons and had a blast. It was super busy but the kids had fun anyway. It was the first day we got to go back after the summer black outs for the Southern California passport holders so many people had the same crazy idea that it would be a great day for Disneyland


miriam said...

Sara's always calling people and pretending to be disney princesses. i have to admit, it's the thing about her that bugs me the most.

looks like you had fun. i'm so glad ava doesn't know about this yet. ignorance is bliss!

Jenks Family said...

looks like you went to eat with the princess, what a fun place. I was so glad we went. the girls thought they had died and gone to heaven with all the attention they got from the princess

The Strong Family said...

sara is super crazy like that. Yes savannah was in heaven too! she thinks they are her best friends

Nana Donna said...

So glad that my little princess got to meat up with the other princess'. Savannah you are even more beautiful than a princess because your mommy and daddy have taught you about beauty within too.