Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Lunch with the Princesses!

Samantha and Savannah, hanging with Ariel
Cole was totally into the princesses too.........joking he never looked up from his food!

Going home after a busy day at disneyland! Look how happy Cole is!
Savannah loved when everyone sang to her!

I feel like Snow White and Ariel were the best cast princesses
Steven goes do you think their hair is real??? Definitly no on Aurora and Cinderella!
For Savannah's 4th birthday we took her to Ariel's Grotto, she has always wanted to go but I thought this would be the perfect time. Mike was all worried that it would be gross food, or like pb & j, but the food was actually really good! They have one price to pay for adults and children (outrageously expensive in true disneyland style) but it includes salad or soup, a main entree -I got salmon (very yummy), Mike got fish n chips, then a dessert and drink. Of course the girls were too preoccupied with the princesses to do any eating. Every 5 minutes or so they announced another royal princess, then she would come in and come around from table to table talking to the girls and whatnot. Very cute, around 3-6 would be the perfect age to take them (under 3 is free too!) I would highly recommend, just to see the astonished look on your little girl's face!


Ryan said...

This looks like a little girls dream come true.

Shannon said...

What a great way to spend the day. If only there was a superhero amusement park that we could have lunch with The Hulk, DareDevil, Wolverine, Spiderman, etc...Boys just aren't catered to like girls are. :) Savannah looks SOOO happy! Fun, fun, fun!

The Strong Family said...

I was seriously thinking about how lucky we are because of that though. take a girl to Ariel's grotto and spend 160 bucks, take a boy to Fuddruckers and spend 20 bucks and it is all the same to them......At least Cole would be as pleased.......

Jenks Family said...

we are taking our family to disneyland in may 09, we can't wait. you will have to get me ideas on what places to go and see. we will be there 7 days, and want to see it all

Nana Donna said...

We hope you had a fun birthday. We love you sweetie

Stephen, Nadia y Mia said...

You are such a cute family! we can't wait to get together and our kids finally meet.
we love you blog and we hope you guys are having