Sunday, August 17, 2008

Beach House

Wonder if this was the site of Ryan and Marissa's first kiss??? Any other OC fans out there? While in Newport we also tried to find Lucille's apartments from Arrested Developement. Anybody know the whereabouts??

Watching the sunset from the window (mike was downstairs on the beach when he took this)
Doesn't Savannah look grown up in this picture?? Can you believe she is almost 4!!
This is Aleena, isn't she adorable!! I think she looks like Savannah when she was younger..
Winding down before bedtime with pink milk - Samantha was getting ruined by us, I am sorry jolisa!!!
They were so excited and silly!!
Bath time fun
Coley all ready for bed after a hard day of playing in the sand and ocean
If you look in the middle window you can see Savannah peering out........
The Grimmers were nice enough to invite us to stay at the beach house they had this weekend and it was SO much fun. Let me tell you they have been such a blessing to us and the best friends! (not only because they invite us to stay at beach houses :) This is seriously the best way to vacation. The kids can play all day and if you forget anything or want to go back really quick it's just a few steps to the nap / lunch / wind down zone. The views were amazing too!
We really want to get a beach house like this next summer for the Strong family, it would be pretty affordable if we all split it. Then our kids could get to know the cousins better! We found a couple that would sleep all the families, any input on dates or interest Shannon, Natalie, Donna, and Soupie??


Shannon said...

It looks like you guys had a really nice time. I would love nothing more than to own beach front property! I think sometime in June would probably work best for us. July always gets really busy with holidays and Comic-Con. But, we are open to anything!!!

Nana Donna said...

Are you talking about buying or renting? I think we could afford the rent and come in June. Soupie and Brandt haven't got a computer set up for blogging yet, so give them a call. Hopefully Nat and Jay will see your blog soon. We would love to do that, you were including us too weren't you?

Emily said...

Nikki that looks like tons of fun. Yes, I did get the shoes and I meant to let you know ASAP!! Thank you so much, they are super cute. I'm excited for Aimee to get big enough to wear them. We are in California now - you guys going to come down to see the new babies?