Monday, August 25, 2008

I'm 4!

I can't believe it but my little girl is 4! She has just blossomed into this beautiful, funny, sweet, girl! Everyday is an adventure with Savannah around and we are so blessed she was sent into our lives 4 years ago! Emily tagged Savannah so here are 7 things about her:
1) She loves princesses and her favorite- of course - is Cinderella, although she doesn't like to watch the movie yet
2) Her favorite shows are Max and Ruby and Calliou
3) She thinks soda is of the devil and recently told Mike and I that if a bad guy kidnapped her he would make her drink soda
4) She loves her "aunties" that is what she calls Jenna (real aunt), Alauna, Vanessa, Juliana, you get the picture. Every teenage girl is somehow her auntie
5) She is still tall for her age >97%, so Mike's dreams just might come true for the Olympics
6) She HATES having her hair done, but I can bribe her to do just about anything with gum
7) She loves her family and tells us all throughout the day!


Ryan said...

Happy birthday!

Shannon said...

Happy Birthday sweet Savannah! We hope you had a really fun birthday!

The Strong Family said...

Hi everyone! This is Mike, I am at work and just viewed my own family blog for the first time since Nicole updated it with Savvy's Birthday Pictures. I just had to tell everyone how much I love my girls. Nicole is the most amazing woman and mother and is so beautiful, and Sweet Sweet Savannah. What a cute little girl. Just looking at her pictures makes my heart melt. yea, I'm a with it! Good job on the blog babe, it looks great! See you in a couple hours.

Jenks Family said...

she is so cute, i love her outfit. madalyn turns 5 in a few weeks and can't wait. i love kids birthdays, they look forward to them.

Melissa said...

She is such a cutie!!! We are bummed we missed the party... hope it was a good one. Happy birthday Savannah!

Nana Donna said...

What a beauty! I hope we get some of those pictures, they turned out so good. Can't wait to see you tomorrow. I'm still up packing, hope I don't forget anything. See you in the morning!

Natalie and Jay said...

Happy (belated) birthday Savannah! I know I wished you it on the phone but I wish we could do better and be there with you to celebrate. You are a beautiful little girl. I'm so proud to be your aunt! Love, Natalie