Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Creed at 6 months

Well 6 1/2 months really. He is:
-projecting himself from the middle of a king size bed in 30 seconds flat (head injuries are nothing new around here)
-almost crawling- it is funny because I rarely put him on the floor, poor guy jumps all day in his jumper because our whole house is wood floors. So last weekend the Vanlandinghams came to visit and Carinn just let Breanne roam around on the wood and I decided to let Creed try it. No Mike those are NOT leg warmers. They are called Babylegs, and protect his little knees! Enough with the girly jokes about them :) So anyway we put him on the floor and all of a sudden he gets up on all 4 and starts to rock back and forth and did a little crawl forward. Where did that come from? One time on the ground and he's mimicking Dash. not quite but getting there.
-hanging out in his pack and play. the kids and I just come by every now and then and smile at him or throw him a toy and he's perfectly happy. Sweet little content guy. Like in the picture above, I just grabbed my camera and peeked over the pack and play and he had himself propped up in a corner and gave me a big smile.
-Eating lots of food and LOVING every bite of it-he even eats the nasty stuff like peas and green beans that my other 2 wouldn't touch so healthy little guy!
Here are his stats at his checkup a couple days ago:
Weight- 14 lb 2 ounces- 5%
Height- 27 1/4 inches 80%
Head- 35%
So his head has gotten larger (he was 25%) and height has gone up from 75%-80% but his weight has gone down. I am hoping with feeding him more solids he will bulk up a bit. Only half a year of living and I can't imagine my life without him! Happy (late) half birthday Creed!


stephanie said...

cute baby!!! he is just too cute!

Nana Donna said...

My little Creed. what a sweet heart. He is so cute! When did Savy and Cole start walking? Creed my walk before they did. He will be crawling everywhere soon I'm sure.

Give him a great big hug from his Grandma and Grandma

Shannon said...

Creed has the happiest smile ever! What a sweetie!

brandt and soupie strong said...

Creed gets cuter and cuter.