Thursday, April 1, 2010


The police officer gave him a sticker and Cole fell asleep holding on tight to it. When he woke up the next morning he was quick to ask "where's my badge??" So it was a fun adventure for us. Oh yeah and we found out later that is was a suspected bomb that they had found taped under the pier in a duffel bag. The LA marathon was going to end the next day there, so maybe that was the target? Please I have seen all the seasons of 24, I know all about this stuff, let me at it.

We were evacuated from the pier. We didn't know what was going on, but tried to get our car and was told the parking lot was closed. So we ate dinner on 3rd st. promenade and came back around 8. It was still blocked off we couldn't get to out car still!. The police officer was really nice and told Mike he could go alone to try and get his car. We waited with him and he let the kids sit in his car since it was pretty cold. Cole was LOVING life.

Walking down the pier
Santa Monica Pier, we got to meet up with some old friends, Ryan and Cheney!
After the big daddy/kid campout

Cole started a mommy/me preschool class with his friend Cooper. He loves it and is definitly ready to start in the fall.

Stephanie made this super cute and yummy cake! And we had the BEST food, brunch style, yum
Sara's shower
Snacking on a pretzel in downtown disney on the way out.
Sara and I took a trip to Disneyland before she has the baby.
Trip to Disneyland!

Happy Birthday Dr Suess! Did some crafts to celebrate his big day

March has come and gone wow, it went by fast. Heres a few pics and adventures from the month I didn't have time to post.


Nana Donna said...

What a fun month! What was all the fuss about at the pier? All the other pictures were great. Happy that you had a wonderful March.

Ryan said...

Holy crap, a bomb threat? Who knew? Great to see you guys. Cheyn has a stroller stor for you shell have to tell.

Great pics. Cute kids

Cheyney and Ryan Lindgren said...

I just realized I had access to your blog from our cheyneyandryan account. It was so great to see you but so sorry you had to stick around so long.