Sunday, April 11, 2010

Spring break

There were special prizes for anyone who got a special gold egg. This was the closest thing Savvy could find to the gold eggs so she collected all this color
waiting for the easter egg hunt at the miniature gold place
Their favorite pastime, swimming. It was not yet to hot to swim. I think it is now though.
We got to spend time with Drew Clarke and Ty!
Visiting with the Easter bunny at the golf course. Cole was not too pleased
Davis and Cole checking out the goods
The kids had 3 egg hunts on the Saturday before Easter. They had a ward one before conference, one with the Nelsons, then one at a miniature gold course. They were in heaven
We spent spring break in AZ, we had a blast. Creed also started walking there, he is still perfecting it but pretty wobbly.

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Ryan said...

Easter bunnies are so freaky! Why does yours have baggy eyes?