Monday, May 26, 2008


We were walking by Claire's last week and Savannah decided she wanted earrings. I totally jumped on it and even offered a little build a bear bribe when she started to get scared. It wasn't total hysteria, pretty tame and there's nothing like a pink cheetah dressed in a Cinderella ballgown to numb the pain. She is quite proud of her ears and shows them to everyone we meet. She is so friendly with strangers, it reminds me of when we lived in lancaster and she went up to a homeless man who was shaving in the parking lot and asked him for was so funny in hindsight. Anyways here's some new pictures, sorry I am updating all at once

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Shannon said...

Wow, look how long your hair is getting, Nicole! What a pretty Mommy you are. I can totally picture Savannah walking up to strangers showing them her new earrings. Maybe I will have to buy her a gift of new earrings for when we come out there.