Friday, July 17, 2009

4th of July of Camping!

On Saturday it was getting hot in our campsite so we headed down to the beach for the day. We went to our favorite beach off PCH. It is really secluded since there are no signs and there is a huge flight of stairs you have to go down. It was such a gorgeous day at the beach. I think we might have convinced Erin and Jason to have kids! Erin rocked Creed to sleep in his car seat, then Cole came up, said he was tired, then laid down on a towel and took a nap! So funny. She was like maybe if it's like this.....................little does she know :)

The new tent trailer!
Climbing trees
Baby likes camping too!
Jason and Erin lounging
Last weekend we went camping with Jason and Erin up in Ojai. We had a blast and loved using the new tent trailer.
The kids waiting for the fireworks
Emma, Savannah's friend and look a like. They are about 2 months apart and I think look so much alike!

First up 4th of July. We had a bbq at our house so we didn't get too many pictures. But it was super fun. We had some friends from the ward come and the Grimmers were able to spend the weekend here so we loved it. We walked to the park at night and watched the fireworks go off.


Nana Donna said...

It really does my heart good to see you enjoying family and friends. Wish we could be closer, but I do hope you get a chance to come to SL in August. Love, Love you guys!

Nana Donna said...

wow, my comment didn't show up! How come?

Shannon said...

Wow, it looks like you guys are having a fun summer. I love the picture of Creed. He looks just so darn cute!